The High & Mighty
You Don’t Wanna Fuck Wit
[Intro: Havoc]
Crazy motherf**kers in here son
Yeah no doubt, crazy motherf**ker, yo, yeah, yo
Know we just just just, just chilling now

[Hook: Havoc {Mr. Eon}]
Rugged Man, a n***a you don't wanna f**k with
Havoc, a n***a you don't wanna f**k with
Rugged Man, a n***a you don't wanna f**k with
{The High and Mighty} you don't wanna f**k with

[Verse 1: R.A. the Rugged Man]
Yo, Yo, It's the return of the all time dirty
Crusty, robbery, a****ery, gluttony
On your block and, in your crib break the lock in
We go shopping, get knocking, ho hopping
It's Rugged Man no stopping, sex pistol
Johnny Rotten, so shocking
Your throat poor folks stay broke
Half-ape, The Legend of Tarzan, Greystoke
Stay dirty hate soap, hate bathing
Maintaining, blowtorch ain't aiming
Flame raining, brain wasting, if she pretty we ain't dating
If the b*t*h f**k us we make payments
Who am I? Dirty boy original pervert
Humbert H. Humbert, no job, f**k work
Locally hoodlums suburban, Chris Berg
Quick fith heard 'um, the German, we turn on, hits
[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Havoc]
Got my drink on, reminiscing drama on God
Stepped out my crib, politic with the gods
Over gats, even though the hood is hot
Jakes on bikes, gotta hold down the block
'Cause my life this automatic instant, ice grills, without a blink
Permanently stained, they surface like Big
They sh*tting on my name, some ask why
'Cause the sign just a regular gangsta, f**k DKNY
Scuffed Timbs laid up in Holiday Inn's
And shortie wanna fret, I'm running up in her friend
Official roaches, Scarface, sh*tting on mister Sosa, stay bent
Hold my liquor, like a cup coaster, handle mines
Sever great lines, cut throats while you drop dimes
Snitch n***as on my sh*t list, quietly c*ck the biscuit
The Rugged Man have it, Mobb we infamous

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Mr.Eon]
It hurts a lot when I blurt the plot
I don't work to rock, man I burn the crops
It's automatic, this addict stay addict
Smoke sh*t the same color as The Philly Phanatic
Behind wheels get dizzy or something
Man I can't drive for goodness ain't my cousin Lizzie Grubman
My verse full throttle, hit a supermodel
Pay you off throw away the joint and the bottle
I won't sell out, got a fear for God
Ahh f**k it, just give me 'bout a G a bar
You fools talking karma, I laugh (ha ha ha ha ha)
I ain't the one getting choked up by Mos Def's dad
So watch EC dumb out
I stretch the pu**y more than when the baby's head come out
Ya stupid kids should not f**k with this
That's like Rocky messing around with Thunderlips
[Hook x2]