King Skam
Yeah, Skam
Yo, haha
Yo, yo, uh!

Ready for war, yo
I got my f**king pistols c*cked
Aim it at you snake a** politicians and them dirty cops
100 guns, 100 shots, 100 f**king bodies drop

This ones for Alton Sterling
This ones for michael brown
This ones for Eric Garner, leave them cops dead on the ground
What goes around, comes around, It's an eye for an eye

Hear the sound of the trey pound, bullets flying by
This ones for justice and innocent lives
Watch yo' backs, cus yo' lives don't matter
It's all about money, see the american dream shatter

It's all part of the game, another day another dollar
Still the same sh*t as yesterday, kick you mothaf**kas in yo' face
You took an oath to serve and protect, how the f**k we 'pose to trust these snakes

When you take yo' pistol from yo' waist, or choke em' at the neck in these f**king modern days
Smack a f**king cop in his face, 'til he runs out of taste
Get it now? Then he starts mumbling K, K, K!
This is America, b*t*h!
This is the home of the brave, not the modern day slaves with invisible chains, we haven't seen the last of it, yo
Enthusiastic blastin on innocent citizens, shoot first, ask questions last

You and your family watching TV, pleased
When you hear your name on the news cast, well here's a news flash
On the other side, there's another family in town watching in pain
Knowing that their uncles, brothers, fathers died in vain

So f**k your rules and your juristictions
F**k your laws and these contradictions
Make America great again? Shoot yourselfs!

Yeah and we don't stop (cus it's 187 on a mothaf**king cop)
Yeah and we don't stop (cus it's 187 on a mothaf**king cop)