You Need This Music
[Intro: Dwele]
Oh yeah, I got what you need
Ooooh yeah

[Verse One: Nottz]
Let me take you on a ride in my world (my world)
V.A. land of the sharks and hate-rs
But we 'bout our paper doe
You smell the vapors and fumes through that hole of that bank vault do'
(Get money money money)
Yep, that's all we know
Fuck our fellow Virginians and helping 'em grow
Oh you calling out for help? Your ass on your own
Not a brother or a cousin, don't ask me for nothing
If you ain't got no money, your music ain't played then
I ain't in no videos so what you trying to say then?
Cause I don't dance in videos, dressed in white linen
Or sold two million, you ain't spending them?
Well fuck you then
I speak for e'ry one of them
Rapper on the grind hoping for that chance to shine
Long as the chance is mine they ride with me then
Cause some cats just don't get it
Y'all need this music

[Hook: Dwele]
I don't need yo' business
Quote printing, listening, no respect
I don't need you calling
You gon' need this
(Real music)
You gon' need this
You gon' need this
(Real music)
[Verse Two: Pusha-T]
Ayo Nottz they gon' need this baby

Started with the passion, found how to cash in
Four years strong with my plain clothes fashioned
Six years longer with the rap if you're asking
No break ups, Jay-Z and Dame Dash-ing
Bumps in the road cause flats, no crashing
Ride till the wheels fall off, keep mashing
Album didn't sell, never settle for defeat
No airplay then we took it to the streets
No heresy when the dirt is in my cleats
Told my competition, at the top we would meet
Here I am, kind of hard not to flaunt it
Damn it feels good to see people up on it
Now they want interviews, now they want a feature
Mad cause your number changed then they can't reach ya
Talk indirect cause they know they can't beat ya
Home sweet home, got love for my people