Bunny Wailer
Dash Wey the Vial

I say you dash wey the vial rasta man!
For thou art royal blood
You art a prince and son of the dread nyah binghi one
So remember your blood line
And stick to the roots of mankind

And nuh follow mystery babylon rasta man!
For she's a drunk already
Don't pollute your brains with no drugs of cocaine
Declare yourself a nazarene
And keep Jah Jah imple clean

For wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging
Who is deceived by it isn't wise
Wine is a mocker drugs make you crazy
Listen to reality and open your eyes

Step upon the dragon rasta man!
For he's the falling angel
Stand firm rasta dread lock at the gates of Zion
Don't let the devil get you in a spell
Just do the Master's will

Higher One Him a The Higher One!

Jam in a the house of dreadlocks rasta!
This ya house no carry no imposter
This ya house no carry no vial worshippers
I said it stands for the nyah binghi order
Which say death to black and white downpressors