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Level of Concern by Tyler Joseph
​twenty one pilots - Level of Concern (Traducción al Español) by Genius Traducciones al Español
Twenty one pilots - Level of Concern (Traduction Française) by Genius Traductions Françaises
​twenty one pilots - Level of Concern (Türkçe Çeviri) by Genius Türkçe Çeviri
Twenty One Pilots - Level of Concern (ترجمه ی فارسی) by Genius Farsi Translations (ترجمه‌ی فارسی)
You Can’t Hate the Roots of a Tree and Not Hate That Tree by Malcolm X
Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi - 3rd Draft by George Lucas
Chapter 21: Carter-Reagan-Bush: The Bipartisan Consensus by Howard Zinn
April 2020 Singles Release Calendar by Genius
New Music Friday 4/10/20 by Spotify
New Music Daily - April 2020 by Zane Lowe
After the Bombing / Speech at Ford Auditorium by Malcolm X
Chapter 16: A People’s War? by Howard Zinn
We Philologists (Full Text) by Friedrich Nietzsche
Episode VII: The Force Awakens by Oscar Isaac
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