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2015 College Essay Peer Editing by Mr. Varnell
맘 편히 (Comfortable) (English Translation) by Genius English Translations
Lifestyle by Future
On the Future of our Educational Institutions (Chap. 2) by Friedrich Nietzsche
MIT Lecture by Lil B
On the Future of our Educational Institutions (Chap. 1) by Friedrich Nietzsche
1984 - Part 2, chapter 9 by George Orwell
Comfortable by TOTEM
Stains by Future
Nineteen Eighty-Four (Book 2, Chapter 9) by George Orwell
The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism by George Orwell
Ulysses (Chap. 16 - Eumaeus) by James Joyce
IKeyMonitor - A Parental Control App Which Secures Your Children Future and Present by Gucci Mane
All Dogs Go To Heaven by Sylvan LaCue
Twilight of the Idols (Chap. 8) by Friedrich Nietzsche
Mackned on Seattle, Drugs, GBC, Lil Peep, Getting Clean and the Future (Interview) by Mackned
Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World (Chapter 18)” by Mr. Allen
Enslaved And Subservient by Vulvodynia
Invisible Fences by Capstan
It Turns Out There Aren’t Many Perks of Being a Wallflower by Proper (USA)
Don’t Leave It Up To Me by Classified
Mutual Butterflies by Ryan Trey
OG Bobby Johnson / Word On Street (Remix) by Gangthelabel
The Run by Red Pill
Aaron A by Fyre
I’m Good by Snak The Ripper
Tints (Remix) by Anderson .Paak
Girl Like Me by JMSN
Come Around My Way by Freddie Gibbs
Intro (My Calling) by Towkio
Northanger Abbey Part 2 by Jane Austen
Madame Swann at Home (Chapter 1) by Marcel Proust
Place-names: The Place (Chapter 2) by Marcel Proust
Names of People (Chapter 1) by Marcel Proust
Swann in Love (Chapter 3) by Marcel Proust
Some Kind of Monster - Film Transcript by Metallica
A visit from Albertine (Chapter 2) by Marcel Proust
Sam Altman on Start-ups, Venture Capital, and the Y Combinator by Y Combinator
Philadelphia 76ers Resignation Letter by Warren Buffett
Letters from an American Farmer (Letter 3) by J. Hector St John de Crevecouer
We Philologists (Full Text) by Friedrich Nietzsche
Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt
Chapter 3 by Marcel Proust
The Marx-Engels Reader (Chapter 3) by Robert C. Tucker
DAVID COPPERFIELD (CHAP. 10) by Charles Dickens
I and My Chimney by Herman Melville
Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson
The Dawn of Day (Book III) by Friedrich Nietzsche
The Verdurins Quarrel(Chap. 2) by Marcel Proust
2014 Letter to Shareholders by Warren Buffett
Berkshire Hathaway Chairman's Letter 2015 by Warren Buffett
Sketches by Boz illustrative of everyday life and every-day people (Chap. 4.10.02) by Charles Dickens
Thoughts out of Season, Part II (Chap. 1.9) by Friedrich Nietzsche
DAVID COPPERFIELD (CHAP. 44) by Charles Dickens
Combray [Chapter 2] by Marcel Proust
Metallica Interview by Metallica
The Glass Menagerie (Scene 7) by Tennessee Williams
Northanger Abbey Part 1 by Jane Austen
She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith
Economy by Henry David Thoreau
Tense Present: Democracy, English, and the Wars Over Usage by David Foster Wallace
Man And Superman (Act 4) by George Bernard Shaw
The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man (Chap. 10) by James Weldon Johnson
The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain (Chap. 2) by Charles Dickens
The Watsons (Part 2) by Jane Austen
The Wind in the Willows - Chapter 4: Mr. Badger by Kenneth Grahame
Shirley (Chap. 13) by Charlotte Brontë
My Bondage and My Freedom (Chap. 19) by Frederick Douglass
My Twisted World: The Story of Elliot Rodger (Part 3-2) by Elliot Rodger
Grief And Oblivion (Chap. 1) by Marcel Proust
2015 The Breakfast Club Interview by DJ Envy
Under Western Eyes (Chap. 1) by Joseph Conrad
Life with Albertine(Chap. 1.2) by Marcel Proust
Second Presidential Debate of 2012 by Barack Obama
Mansfield Park (Chap. 37) by Jane Austen
Press Conference (August 9, 2013) by Barack Obama
Press Conference at the White House (August 9, 2013) by Barack Obama
Chapter 1 by Marcel Proust
An afternoon party(Chap. 3) by Marcel Proust
Man And Superman (Act 3) by George Bernard Shaw
Daniel Deronda (Chap. 64) by George Eliot
Letter to Shareholders 2013 by Warren Buffett
CHAPTER X. The Consciousness of Self. by William James
United State of Pop 2017 (How We Do It) by Chris Martin
Written In Stone by Ollie Joseph
Letters from an American Farmer (Letter 12) by J. Hector St John de Crevecouer
Overture [Chapter 1] by Marcel Proust
Seascape, with Frieze of Girls (Chapter 3) by Marcel Proust
Think and Grow Rich - Chapter 7 by Napoleon Hill
Overture by Marcel Proust
Autres Temps... by Edith Wharton
Django Unchained [Script] by Quentin Tarantino
Esquire July 2019 Interview by Liam Payne
Chapter 1: See Things For What They Are - Intense Realism by Robert Greene
A Christmas Carol (Part 3) by Charles Dickens
Vanity Fair (Chap. 14) by William Makepeace Thackeray
The Dawn of Day (Book V) by Friedrich Nietzsche
The Possessed (Chap. 1.2) by Fyodor Dostoevsky
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