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Goals In Slow Motion by Future of the Left
Stranger in the Village by James Baldwin
The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways by Crown The Empire
Rip The Jacker 2 IIIFINITY DVD LP - 9.14.2012 by Canibus
Rip the Jacker 2 Infinity by Canibus
Rip the Jacker 2 Infinityy by Canibus
Amorphous by The Underachievers
The Bells by Game of Thrones
The Nature of Consciousness by Alan Watts
The Rainbow (Chap. 15) by D. H. Lawrence
Pale Fire: A Poem in Four Cantos by Vladimir Nabokov
The Great Divide by Avatar: The Last Airbender
100 Years by G&E Music
Up In The Mix by Frisco
The Laws of Gods and Men by Game of Thrones
The Grapes of Wrath Chapter 2 by John Steinbeck
BTS - Intro: 화양연화 (The Most Beautiful Moment In Life) (English Translation) by Genius English Translations
The Good Die Young by Young Noble
Chapter 6: The Intimately Oppressed by Howard Zinn
The Jungle (Chap. 6) by Upton Sinclair
The Matrix (Synopsis) by Warner Bros. Pictures
The Map-Woman by Carol Ann Duffy
Das Bus - Season 9 Episode 14 by The Simpsons
The Gift of Night by Walt Disney Records
Swann in Love (Chapter 3) by Marcel Proust
Names of People (Chapter 1) by Marcel Proust
Real & True by Miley Cyrus
Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin
My Twisted World: The Story of Elliot Rodger (Part 6-3) by Elliot Rodger
The Pearl (Chapter 3) by John Steinbeck
Mrs. Dalloway (Part 6) by Virginia Woolf
Deadpool 2 Script by 20th Century Fox
The Future by MRC
Songs of the Same Title by Genius Users
Knights of the 21st Century by HammerFall
Bitter Work by Avatar: The Last Airbender
The Wars to Come by Game of Thrones
Island Of Souls by Sting
The Lady of the House of Love by Angela Carter
Chapter 26 (The Grapes of Wrath) by John Steinbeck
Letters from an American Farmer (Letter 2) by J. Hector St John de Crevecouer
Antigone (Full Text) by Sophocles
The Aeneid (book 12) by Virgil (poet)
Movement II - School by Paul McCartney
Wicked Ways by Hell Razah
Foreign Nights (Working Dog In Babylon) by Johnny Clegg and Savuka
Weather the Storm by Wuthering Heights
End of the World Cypher 2012 by Rap Genius Users
Shox The Rebel vs. Soul by Don’t Flop
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse by Kimiko Glenn
Hero by CyHi The Prynce
New Arabian Nights (”The Sire De Maletroit’s Door”) by Robert Louis Stevenson
Consider the Lobster by David Foster Wallace
Say by Lauryn Hill
Stay Stupid by The Palmer Squares
House of Cards: Chapter 1 by David Fincher
Star Trek: The Alternative Factor by Star Trek
Rain Dance (Phase 1 Intro) by The Underachievers
Heroes of the Waterfalls’ Kingdom by Rhapsody of Fire
Dizaster vs Arsonal (2013) by Dizaster
Gjonaj vs Danny Myers by King of the Dot
​autumn by ​j. amasula
Gish Liner Notes by Billy Corgan
A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by Game of Thrones
IZ*ONE - Highlight (English Translation) by Genius English Translations
Dizaster vs. Soul Khan by King of the Dot
Poetess by Nikki Giovanni
RTJ2INfinity by Canibus
A visit from Albertine (Chapter 2) by Marcel Proust
Good Old Neon by David Foster Wallace
Starblind by Bruce Dickinson
Love Yourself: 結 Answer Notes by BTS
Chapter 1: See Things For What They Are - Intense Realism by Robert Greene
Under Western Eyes (Chap. 4) by Joseph Conrad
Siyayilanda by Juluka
Siyayilanda by Johnny Clegg and Savuka
Make It Over by Exile
Finnegan’s Wake (Chap. 2.3) by James Joyce
True Romance - Screenplay by Val Kilmer
My Closest Roaddogz (OG) by 2Pac
Soldier by MF Grimm
Shine for Me by Vidal
April 2016 Album Release Calendar by Genius
Pokemon Cypher 2016 by VI Seconds
Aurora by Rockie Fresh
Glass Island by Wax Fang
​Moonfire by Mavi
Sunset Blvd by J.R.
Fly by Breaking Bad
I've Been Sober by DevilDriver
Dark Nebula by Vektor
V by Tony Harrison
SomeWay Bi by M.anifest
Tristia Book 4 by Ovid
Tristia book 5 by Ovid
Loaded Lux vs. Charlie Clips by URLtv
Everything Is Alright by Dual Core
A View of Hell (Hell of a View) by Apathy
Merkaba by Daylyt
Release by Zack de la Rocha
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