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"Worldwide Thugs"

Uh, thug sh*t, Killa Cam, thug sh*t Yo, yo
I want my steak with a funky dame
Honey claim cash like the Money Train
Faces of death, eatin monkey brain
Chunky change, call it, iced out and flawless
For all my n*ggas upstate with food inside the toilet
Yo I'm like Hoffa, mixed with Sinatra
La costa nostra, dude packed a toaster
True motherf*ckers, y'all blew it motherf*ckers
Told you how we do it, stupid motherf*cker
I chew motherf*ckers, know how I do it motherf*ckers
Lay your block down when I come through it motherf*ckers
n*ggas want murders, maybe I'll call
Ladies'll fall, yo we killin babies and all
I mean, one up in the cabbage, one up in the carriage
Bing-bing-bing like ricochet rabbit, faggot
Your mother sayin look at they 'matics, damn look at they habits
Oh, look at they karats

[Killa Sha]
Paint the picture, 2-5-2 killa scripture
Verse six: Chapter five, touch more lives
Try to survive in this frontline with mines
Deep, but I'm in the minds of foul men
Too much gin, too much hash, too much cash
Kinda hard to let this good sh*t pass
So I dabble in it, heads eat and killa sin it
Ya b*tch n*ggas wanna get in it but can't fit it
Many is callin, but few is chosin
And them faggot ass n*ggas thats holdin, ain't goin
Sha Luminatti, uh-huh, god-body
Hail, rain, and earthquakes when I break
A warning to the fakes (true that)
Play the dark and brought to the light
Lift up your dress for spite
Lyrical fight, for forty days and forty nights
Automatically tight, to the blind I bring sight
Ninety-nine omega, captivate through your vega
Rhyme slayer, down with the QB mayor

Clear the interference...Yo, yo, yo
Yo, yo clear the interference, special guest appearance
Terms of endearment...(echoes)
Clear the interference, special guest appearnace
Terms of endearment, fresh like Wrigley Spearmint
Purse pincher, I'm underground like the Earth Ninja
A bag of wet be my only mental thirst quencher
I move slow on your mob, like The Blob
To gobble up every square inch quarter yard
Peach cobbler rap, Syberian panex
Ginseng gets clacks, six-pack, battery pack
Keep on goin and goin, devil knit this sewin
MC's on the mic are takin flight like the Boeing
Our b*tch Jamie Sommers got the hot pink Hummer
Plus I just bought a fat loaf of bread from Wonder
Clan expands we outnumber every grain of sand in Sudan
Flash the Wu logo on your hands
Cats be talkin, Bobby I ain't feelin ya
But I bet if I was peelin your cap back with a two shot Dillinger
Hot lead released from my cylinder
You'd be talkin bout Bobby I'm feelin ya!
My intensity is the double high density
Make you serve a century in Killa Bee penitentiary
Razor blade Papermate, cut through pages
Cough up a lung and you spit like twelve gauges
Elohim, black gods live from Queens
Shaolin Island has been quarantined!

[Tragedy Khadafi]
Yo, yo, who's responsible for the Oklahoma Bombing?
I shot Kennedy, fleed the crime scene jogging
Feds knew I did it still gave me a pardon
For the way 2-5 just repped at the Garden
Clappin D-T's and kidnapped the sargeant
Blazin warrants, squadrons, all departments
Sneak heat through customs, secret compartments
Spit that mobster god sh*t, crime squad sh*t
c*ck back with ease and squeeze on my targets
Can't be destroyed by plague or epidemic
Cripple any society, triple O menace
Level 48 and the Feds rockin sneakers
Tear through y'all weak crews with heat seakers
When we clap, bodies get wrapped like fajitas
Foul Jesus, resurrect the crime thesis
Platinum chain with baguette, prop the pieces
Shorties call Khadafi, a foul papi
Won't stop till the world immortalize Machti
Arab-nazi, bulletproof Armani rain suits
Skull and crossbone get blown with deuce-deuce
I rep for bing mobsters mad at life
Shootin videos in Sing Sing via satellite
War tactics, with gats under the matress
Y'all b*tch n*ggas playin y'all part, like an actress

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