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Del The Funky Homosapien

"S + M on the Rocks"

[Verse 1: Prevail]
I scuffle its been a hustle a murder like Fargo
Walk the world over with eight of their cargo
Compose in 24 channels circuit panels and studio B schedules
My credo is rock forever but be perpetual
I've heard it said that you're only as sharp as your knife
My silhouette bears a stiletto don't let me out of your sight
Even though your thoughts been blocked
I mix my martinis straight up with a twist of hemlock
I drink Absolut vodka [??]
You can hold the whole world in your hand
While I get a hand job from Andromeda

[Hook X2]
S&M rocks the spot without a doubt
S&M rocks the spot get taken out

[Verse 2:Mad Child]
Divine vessel of mercy drink if you're thirsty
The crowning of thorns scorched at the pillar
Lions and gorillas wild kingdom killers
Immaculate conception baptism consecrate
Pear juices freshly squeezed not from concentrate
Say your holy no Venus sanctify myself fragments of brain call
The cleaners passion and death grim reaper creeps
Dream walker that stalks his prey while I sleep
Keep your distance survival most powerful instinct
Impossible to join me easy to hate me
No man is an island surrounded by safety


Envious flash black ashes to dust
Candle wax cracks one S&M bust
Lust isn't trusted temporary relief
Tropical fish cliff jump in the coral reef
Heart pumps no longer tombstone [??]
The coral reef leaf drops from branches
Accidental avalanches s & m rocks awkwardly advance
On the dark side of the moon silver skeletons dance

[Verse 3: Prevail]
Not even the bpm's of a rave
Could make you move fast enough to be saved
Razor rhymes like there's a sheath in my teeth
That reveals a katana blade
I keep all affairs current and in perfect cursive
Fallish like calligraphy but freaky like Caligula
I know the insides and outs of rap
Like the comparisons of female to male genitalia

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