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Del The Funky Homosapien

"That Merch"

[Verse 1: Pep Love]
I got that work, come and cop a Lava t-shirt
Teeny boppers flirt, I'm just slinging merch
I don't even really know my worth
But I can tell you about these CDs and tag up your chichis
Getting money is the thing
Plus I got these fans, they're my friends and they're hip-hop fiends
Never let another rapper shine
Cause after I rhyme, I'm at the merch booth
On my grind, the grit and the grime
The Sankofa sign
Pep Love get the money when I go for mine
I can talk obnoxious and walk with a bop
Just because I know I got this stock in boxes
The crowd gathers round and flocks us
I'm perched at the merch booth trying to get acquainted with your pockets
Hot chicks, you can get a discount
When you meet me at my room you don't want to miss out

Clocking that merch, stocking that merch
Rocking that merch, we got that merch

[Verse 2: Pep Love]
I love y'all, you know I love y'all
I'm standing on stage, but not above y'all
We A alikes if you listen to the music
From the booth to the stage to the booth with my new sh*t
I'm enterprising, I'm improvising
I'm catching eyes because I'm rocking so many different items
I got a purpose
I'm a motherf*cking merchant and making moves urgent
Rhymes in my mind get dimes on my line
To reach mankind I just take it one person at a time
The product that I conduct
Will have that merch moving like water in an aqueduct
And whatnot
I got my own, I got my crew, too
Sweatshirts, stickers and hats is what the booth do
For my true blues we bringing good news
And you can get it from us, I thought you knew


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