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"Workout Plan"

[G1] Girl #1
[G2] Girl #2
[G3] Girl #3

[G1] Ay Wussup girl

[G2] Heyy girl

[G3] Hey How u doin'?

[G1] Ayy, you know I finally got my sh*t together been watchin' that workout plan gurl!!

[G2] Well you lookin' all good and stuff you got you a-

[G1] Girl, I know it's that workout

[G2] Got you a six pack Shakur and stuff

[G1] Don't say it

[G3] My n*gga my n*gga I'm tired of puttin' 1-8-7 in my n*gga's pager that sh*t ain't workin' no more

[G1] Girl you know I'ma video hofesional now (Girl) since I copped this new workout plan my sh*t is right, rollin' in Lexus, Acuras, everything girl

[G3] Girl, you need to let me know where I can cop that, how much is it?

[G1] Girl, you know you ain't gotta pay nothin' around me, I'm the bootleg queen I'll give it to you for Free.99

[G2 & G3] FREE.99?!

[G3] That's my dawg, you always lookin' out for us

[G2] My n*gga, now I can throw away my bus pass and sh*t oh my God

[G3] Oh, sh*t

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