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"Pinky Ring"

[Verse 1: Prodigy]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Statik, uh
NYC the borough, Queens super lean
Cut the fat, lame n*ggas get the f*ck away from me
I'm a five borough, keep it thorough, gutter MC
White ball, puerto rock, black all f*ck with me
Get your brain right, you versus me, we're not the same type
Money over dumb sh*t, champagne, give me a light
Shoot the sh*t, smoke a spliff with your bwoy
I don't play that game you be playing with them boys
I'm a grown-ass man, hit the mag at your liver
Then smoke a couple bags for the fact you got hit up
Ride around bumping Kendrick Lamar, the homies
Looking for a great time, never mind ya'll police-ass n*ggas

[Hook x2]
I keep my circle tight like a pinky ring
n*ggas want my life cause I get major bank
The 3-5 get 'em, sic 'em Fido, bark bark
No sunshine I put 'em where it's dark

[Verse 2]
Lights out b*tches, my Guiness Stout n*ggas
Rain on your Budweiser bullsh*t, my crew get
Hard like rock wilders, you know my style by now
Your b*tch know she respect my di*k
Young alien told me "P, get these n*ggas then"
Statik threw the beat on, I keep keeping on
Call me crazy as long as you call me like bab say
Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Harlem, matinee
Early, n*ggas dozing on Long Isl' n*ggas
Staten Isl' n*ggas force us to pull triggas
I ain't even really on it like that, until you try me
Never sleep on a n*gga, quiet the irony
I bang on you so loud I put you with the crickets
I put you up under the dirt, who is you kidding?
This is violence in its purest form, catch a body rap
Baby I will body that, pus*y cat
Scream at your friendly neighborhood bandana P, mami
I give you extended play, he short you, but not me
I take you to another realm you ain't never been
This that private stock that dope like the heroin

[Hook x2]

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