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"The Art of Disrespekinazation"

[Sean Price]
These n*ggas can't write, plus they pants tight
And they sweaters small, f*ck it, I'm better ya'll
Go against the God, that's the wrong move
What you want pa? Dope or dog food?

Smile, it's a celebration b*tches, I just came back
Mistletoe in my back pocket, kiss my ass
All ya'll, can we do a track? No, quit hollering, I'm sh*tting
n*ggas trash, I'm wack-tose intolerant

[Sean Price]
My gun pop n*ggas, one shot n*gga
I run out of shells, then straight Ong Bak n*ggas
f*ck rap riddles, get riddles with shells, yo
I'm a beast, you a b*tch like Tickle Me Elmo

Word, my taste buds and your taste buds will never taste bud
Together, cuz your taste buds be tasting butt
n*ggas homo thugging it, clowns be red Bozo nose rubbing it
We already changed our mind, you almost was a b*tch, pus*y

[Hook: Rock w/ ad-libs]
Since n*ggas like disrespecting the game
Me and my n*gga disrespecting you lames
n*ggas ain't got no respect for the game
So we ain't got no respect for you lames

[Sean Price]
Rap ain't selling, crack ain't selling
So it's back to armed robberies, my bat sting melons
Take it back to Decep', back out the hammer, fam
I ain't talking Hammer blam fam, I'm talking hammer, damn, call an ambulance

No f*ck that, I'm letting the cannon blam
Have that man smoking like it's Amsterdam
Dammit, man, I go in your hood and get love
Huh, you be, go in your hood and get mugged
b*tch bast*rd, don't go to son crib, his sh*t bugged
Wire tapped, this chump got a mic in his pimp cup

[Sean Price]
Got a mic and a pimp cup, catch a right from the fist, chump
Leave a non smoker choking when lighting this b*tch up
Still Bozos, get knocked the f*ck out, Miguel Cotto
Verse Zab Judah, I'm worse, pass me the luger, bong!

Stupid, your whole crew's snakes and your jewels fake
Give me some news break, and some tooth paste


[Sean Price]
Listen, it's big drama, nah, it's little drama
Lip gloss stains on my di*k from Lil' Mama
When I f*cked Rihanna, ain't use no 'umbrella'
When the b*tch have twins we naming 'em both Ella, Ella
Aye, I'm just joking, maybe I'm not
I'm just smoking, maybe it's pot
Maybe it's coke, maybe it's both
Only way to tell, muthaf*cka, hah, take it and toke, P

Hell, no, son, you can keep the coke
I'mma stick to reefer, smoking hood b*tches, Keyshia Cole
That's the way it is, I'm a 'slim thug', 'slim' and 'shady'
But I'm not from Houston, not that white boy from Dre team
But I worldwide circus, f*ck chicks for sport
I didn't know that was your b*tch I caught, huh
Rapper, acting like I stole Beyonce Knowles or something
No, that's just a biat'che ho


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