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"Untold Story"


[Verse 1]:

Came back in the game lookin’ like Sid Vicious
Five hours at the dentist makes a big difference
Changed my attitude now I don’t see no pigs trippin’
Sittin’ home, writing rhymes now the kids rippin’
I was Takin’ Oxys and Percocets
It’s like my mind was always floatin’ in a circus tent
Four years later. Now I’m flat broke
Went from being a hero of a country
To an as*h*le
Five classic albums. Two bad mistakes
One of them when I was doing drugs
And had lowsy taste
I was hanging with the wrong folks
Trying to be something I was not, that
Was not dope
My mind was in a daze
Like Trying to wear a blindfold walking through a maze
Weeks turned to months. Months turned to years
Now I created what I’m living in my biggest fear

I didn’t realize how hard it would be to come back
I was so vain that I thought it would be easy to come back
And just like, have a second career
I’ve been workin at this sh*t for three years now
But I didn’t know when I quit doing drugs, that it would
Effect so many people in a positive way
I came back to my city where I was a king once and then
All of the sudden I was a clown, but I kept workin’
I got my weight up and then people coming to me
For help

[Verse 2]:

Kids asking for my help like it’s a magic trick
Like I could make them famous if I wave my
f*cking magic stick
The optimistic had to wave the devil’s advocate
Tell em keep on working, need to spit like
f*cking savages
I can see it in their eyes they think they know it all
And I ain’t got the time to give advice if they just blow it off
Get the f*ck out of my way I’m trying to rebuild
Trying to get back up on top the mountain, it’s a steep hill
Cause I got people doing good and they are watching me
Their smiling workin’ hard, and attitude like no one’s stopping me
And I am happy for my friends I’m not a jealous cat
And they know that I’ve been to f*cking hell and back
I’m spitting fire you can tell em that
Acapella rap. Holding bars like I’m a felon trapped
I am not looking for sympathy
I’m recharged ready to charge like in an Infantry!

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