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"Soul Music"

Live n*ggas in the front, fake n*ggas in the back
Fly b*tches in the middle, shake just a little (uh)

Shake just a little (uh)
Lord ... yeah (uh)

[Verse 1: Roc Marciano]
I said, straight cheese.... please
My sh*t is money
n*ggas talking that old... sounding like as*h*les
It's laughable, it won't bring traffic through
Let it do what it do, c*ck-a-doodle-doo
I'll put the c*ck to your boo's doo doo shoot
Whats the square root to a cooch? It's a coup
Remove my suit b*tches tryna work the root...
To no avail... and if so then it's snowin' in hell
Go for delf there's no room on the coat tail
The game's risky like a coke sell
My hoe hail from New Rochelle
I smoke while she paint her toenails
Explain what to who? n*gga f*ck you
You light about a buck two
I been nice...
My fly entry is complimentary
Hence no weapon shall prosper against me
Swing the pages, my paper mate creates phrases
My right hand is like Fraziers (uh)
Gray stages, n*ggas bit the wave its contagious
I been knew i was destined for greatness
Pour my cup baby I'm just warming up
Me and the money we falling in love
(Mwah mwah...i love you baby...mwah...word...uh)
Sweet kisses in the night to Barry white
Til it put me in the chair like Suge Marion Knight
Lil' daddy never carrying light
Cool Miami nights, the reality bites
(Pum ass n*ggas)

[Hook X2]

[Verse 2: A.G.]
We make soul music...
For the failures, the stealers, the dealers
The paraphanalia...got 'em floating on water like sailors
Grab her weave, make here bob like the Wailers
And you ain't got enough bars, same sh*t i told my jailers
Dropped so many jewels you think i'm careless
These n*ggas is fruity with theirs, a jury with peers
Can see I've got more lines than movie premiers
She want me...
And i lay her on her tummy, watch me bungee
And her friends like to wrestle so they jump me
Another thing, love is king but she never heard of Sade
From Cape Town to Jon-J
But ask her who's her favorite and she'll probably say Andre
Not 3000 or the doctor
But the one that got her open, make her sing at the opera
All hail, this is something you can feel like it's all braille
Wack proof so we [?]

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