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Now tell your f*ckin goons
To sit the f*ck down before
We start squeezin in this b*tch
You dont want these innocent people
Getting hurt

[Verse 1: Ka]

This heat resistant glass ain't for coffee
The quick snort the sick port its more costly
Moms praise these car babys, streets morph me
The block wasn't sweet, acidic, bitter and salty
Legitimate frigid never figured trigger'd defrost me
Literals tight, my vision is lofty
This n*gga read poetry, bear witness like Notary
Rarely say my name but n*ggas know it's me
At night browsin' the price gougin got the lowest fee
No sleep no deep till i merge a floater
And I survived tides with more birds than Noah
Gotta ride new steele to stay fed
I dont lie im too real to play dead
Savage hour, get devoured they spray lead
Bags of flour, can't cower and make bread
Tough muscles stand the heat in the kitchen
Plus I have quick hands and plans to keep siftin'
From never ran with a grand i chase that
Or curve servin' how i place on no place mat
4's and 5's theres forks and knives
Cut the cake so let the frosting drys
Dish it out, leave it
Thats it im squeezin'
These beats the packages of the gift that im breathin'

[Verse 2: Guilty Simpson]

I'm victorious, the only L's to take get gutted
Cats ballin' on a budget
Penchin pennies, black label henny on ice
Scars in strife, neighborhood stars and stripes
Its no TMZ its just elite MC's
Big dogs wanna bark and bite
Raw, paint pictures with words
Pull guns and draw
Yeah, im livin out my artist life
Chief from a fine 2 leaf
I smoke good in the hood
Like i blew a gasket
Still im mobile enough
To creep on your truck
And let it buck on your crew in traffic
Lettin off hate i harbored, the barber
I line em' up and cut parts for torture
Im black hearted, im nots typcial
Ill leave you in critical
Im not your everyday rap artist

[Verse 3: Roc Marciano]

I burst two shots
Birds emerge from the rooftops
I serve from the soup pot
Blue pot, my n*ggas shoot cops
Move loose rocks, blue tops
Hit the blocks, im like Lennox
Your lyrics are xeroxed
Im rare like a millionaires tear drops
Got soul like the Four Tops
Ya popped in the buttocks
With buckshots, face shots call it botox
The castle walls' too hot to blow rocks
Im in the Beamer gettin slow top
Live in the fast lane
I clipped the spliff in the ashtray
Gats to spray, splash the grey cabriolet
Dance on the pa-ca-calloway
Car jack your Caddy like its valet
Grace like the ballet
You half weight
My mask made of African clay
Snag your lass off a glass of Alizé
Long barrel, ride the white horse, no saddle
Scadaddle from La to Settle (giddyup)
Black apparel the engine in the 5 rattle
The mask is bedazzled
Bally sneaker n*gga
Your freaks in between sheets, quiver
Keep tricks like the flea flicker
Uma street n*gga, n*gga

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