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"Brother Jedidiah"

[Produced by The Alchemist]

[Intro: Action Bronson]
We are gathered here today, way-oh-way-oh
To commemorate a very good man, Brother Jedidiah
He stands about 5'8"

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
I wear the yarmulke to court to try to gain some sort of leverage
My lawyer puts a little molly in the judge's beverage
As a team player, you know what?
I'ma buy him a motherf*cking Nissan Murano
Rabbi Rodriguez did the bris
Then a little piece of fish fell on the dish that he sniffed
Like a dog, that's his di*k that he split
So he could go pick up his kids in a brand new whip
What the f*ck?

[Interlude 1: Big Body Bes]
Oh, pardon me
I was out here busy living your lies
You've been dead your whole life
Oye, Alfonzo, pull up the car!

[Verse 2: Action Bronson]
Riker's Island runway show better than Yeezy season
This year the color green is in
Dog, I'm f*cking crazy like Velcro sneakers
I'm playing with sh*t
Dog, I ain't playing with sh*t
Your frame will lay in a ditch
My chick is Asian with a twist
I'm so hard, you could cook a piece of bacon on my di*k
Better be turkey though
So if these turkeys try to murk me, Moe
I'll let these turkeys know that I'm in Turkey, hoe

[Interlude 2: Big Body Bes]
We was 47 and a half deep on the strip
You was in front of the store with Team Jordan's and yellow pajama pants
That's a big no-no!
That's a BIG no-no!

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