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[Verse 1: Tha God Fahim]
It's only one way to live, and one way to die
I'd rather this from being sicker, the burner between his eyes
I strategize, in times of war I'm smoking in commodores
Riding with tecs, slaying dragons and drama whores
Lips get loose when police harassing 'em
Said if he snitching, could avoid the maximum
Posted with the trench, got the Glock and the ax wit him
Hit the block with high numbers, I'm taxing 'em
Killers with me, just know this, no relaxing them
Keep an automatic weapon, the max is the maximum
Shoot you for cheese, beware there's many a rats with him
n*ggas so broke, the robber, we was just practicing

[Verse 2: Al Divino]
Out the corner, burner by my boxes
Flip work like papas right locking in the kitchen
Whipping Cyndi Lauper
Narcotics from Nicarauga
di*king your daughter down
Strictly Cognac, we don't sip vodka
Bricks and mortar, [?]
Blicky flip you like a quarter
Torture, need more paper than the borders
Nothing's more important than order
Unassailable aura might light you up like benoras
If you saw us

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