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"Get Back Remix"

Sometimes you just gotta show n*ggas how you do things
That sh*t hurt
Time'll tell like my n*gga Illa G always said
Love all my n*ggas
I swear

[Noyd] (QB)

[Prodigy] cross my heart hope to die, right

[Noyd] Queens Bridge Hot Boys

[Prodigy] Hear Me Out
Yo... put a bullet in ya mind

Yo dun, They caught me from the blind side, me the P
The one who spread love, me, I never sh*t on my peeps
I never left my dawgs out in the cold
I extended my hand wit compassion, you extened yours wit war
Cool, f*ck it. y'all sneaky muh'f*ckers gon learn how this n*gga rock
Quiet Storm n*gga (shhh) leave you shocked for dead
n*gga, I rot ya flesh
By myself, ???, and just pop ya head
Now if it get night, and snakes gettin past it
Ill see you at the crossroad faggot
And in the mean time, and in between time
P'll layed up wit mo shines, mo dollars fo more nines
More boxes of talons to put in your spine
You cross me n*gga, you lost your mind
Scratch that, you never knew me from the start, so I forgive you
After you die squirmin, shots burning (fizzling)

(its time to) Get Back
Uh, Its so sweet
The taste of revenge and blood on the streets

(its called) Pay Back
For that sh*t you'll pulled
I dont respect your gangsta, my guns expload

(its time to) Get Back
Yea, Its so sweet
The taste of revenge and blood on the streets

(its called) Pay Back
For that sh*t you did
Two wrongs dont make a right, that make it even, b*tch

Ayo when the guns pop, the thugs pop em, everybody kno
Mo Thug been on henny rocks, slingin Fo-Fours
Catch a thug on ya block, onna slingin Ya-Yo
Or pullin out that peice and aimin at ya Kangol
Them thugs, some blood, some crip, some stuntin
You see 'em crip-walkin but they ain't thuggin nuttin
They ain't tough, ain't rough, ain't built for war
They frontin they thuggin, and ain't that at all
Me and my dawgs is R, A, W...RAW
And will murder (Murder)..
A, double L... (ALL) yall
Yall heard of, the Queens Bridge f*cking Hot Boyz
Prodigy, H, A, V, O, C, and that n*gga Noyd
And the Get Back and yes, revenge is so sweet
How we lay wit the heat, and pop up on 'em when they sleep
Leave 'em dead in the bed and his blood in the streets
Murder him and his peeps, n*gga, I'm whats beef
(Its the Get Back)

[Hook] x1

Basicly, they done summed it up and ain't no reason to spit
But f*ck it, lemme have my lil 2 cent
The nine'll leave you so bent
Have you huggin the ground like a toilet bowl ready to hurl
You'll be havin outta body visions
And if you lucky to live, no doubt, you'll be find a religion
Gittin shot up can do that, most'll squeal
They so shook, the sound of fire crackers makin 'em peel
n*ggas rhyme how they kill (kill)
Rhyme how they feel (feel)
Talkin all that like they ??? for the deal
But me, if I ain't have to... prolly wouldn't clap you
But they see you wit that paper and wanna git at you
I dont preach about the sh*t, I just show 'em what mack do
You kno these slugs harder than any track you rap to
When cowards talk sh*t, it just make the finger itch
I got drama for that ass, wanna meet the b*tch?

[Hook] x1

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