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"Field of Dreams"

[Verse 1] Madchild
Unfortunately, the tortured scorch is dim
Approach the cave with caution or get skinned alive within
Fear the final day and pray that I survive from sin
Stand down, airstrike approved at war with one
Try to pull my self together but I trip and come undone, then fall apart at the seams
This all started from dreams
I’m not as smart as it seems
Love to be lonely
Dancing on the desolate plains, the one and only
Madchild, marching with partially harsh
Especially fresh, nestled in this vessel of flesh
Insane, strain my muscles as I wrestle with death
With each breath, I strongly suggest
Anger clouding the issue
This is a vicious version of a victory
Certain patterns emerging, urging you to dig a little deeper. Trust us
Crave the creative while detest and grave injustice

[Verse 2] Prevail
I’m in the Field of Dreams spitting out spores
Summoning the locusts, tunnelling through floors
Running the length of a war with the framework of a carpenter
The Monarch’s dog monitor, tainted with the [?] taste of the grace of an amateur
Even saviours fall victim to the hand painted massacre
I stay to the waistband of my sonar-triggered ambassador
My hoping to open the gates, and unleash the ravenous scavenger of fate
With ravens [?] heavier than the strength of an ape
Using live sinuous bait
I remember it now
Using my hunting knife to chop the worm inside of the cow
Eating the bowels, using the hides
A hideout amongst the owls
The time is now
Follow your sense, not your smell
The injured ones have fell
Sincerely signed

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