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"Whip Creme"

[Verse 1: Blu]
Uh, yeah, I bet a 10 say she like my style
Hunnid she like the flow, money they go dummy
Go dumber and wanna buy a boat
My flow be like that 110, nothing running from end to end
Again, again, black berry caddy with that vanilla trim
Yellow bones miss that old me, yellow gold me
I'm just a young, g on my own getting my OG on
Oh we on? n*ggas gon' get on and get ghost
Me? nah I'm grown I'ma get on and get more
f*ck did you thought boy, I bought the sh*t, to floss the b*tch, b*tch
If you lost, hop off my di*k and get a starter kit, kid
Parking boss, that cherry gloss from off the lips
Onto the car my n*gga get in and kiss the tint
Tits tops off uh, model thoughts, bottle tops off
Popping hollows at your hollow thoughts, south boss
Back to south park, pimp sh*t, don't be sipping in my car
Save that whip creme for the supreme, we go hard

[Verse 2: Definite]
No question who you riding with
She said I get it wetter than Poseidon, so wet I'm sliding in
Told her don't be squirting in my ride again, messing up my interior lining
Blunts got me high as sh*t, n*ggas [?] in the game and getting they hymen ripped
Bloody mess, selling they soul for fame and fortune less
Thinking they changed the game but when I came I layed em all to rest
Say it with your chest, need to speak up this the chief
I lit the leaf up with the divas sporting D cups, turn your speakers up
And nah, can't keep em, flash the pre-nupt there's no reason to this madness
I just speak and then my voice can paint the canvas, all the pain and things I take for granted
Stranded on this planet til my sh*t returns, chilling with the chick that burns [?]
Rolling, swerving, trying not to hit the curb 'stead I hit the herb
Keep it coasting til the zip is burned, rising from the ashes it's the mass
I lace that ass with classics, team up on my back and any captives
All my people, let's go!

[Verse 3: Big Dame]
I got a call from Blu, he said "I need you in the studio"
It's nothing my relly, just let me hit the liquor store
Hopped in the mag, yeah I'm sliding on them 24s
Flat black, slab white like something you ain't seen before
'91 west, 100 miles per hour
Brown bag full of blunts, Ziploc full of sour
When you riding like this, all the hoes wanna holla
I don't pay em no mind that's why my pockets on [?]
She don't wanna f*ck me, she wanna f*ck my car
But always thinking like that b*tch, you wouldn't get far
605 405 headed to Long Beach, where they stay
Crip walking, repping LBC
Speeding, got red and blue lights flashing behind me
Why the f*ck, CHP wanna f*ck with a G
Grabbed the heat, one time don't know who they f*cking with
He said "I pulled you over just to say your whip was sick"

[Verse 4: Co$$]
Who me? The superstar, split a swisher cigar
Look at you crazy like you spitted on my car
Hop out, I got my c*ck out, I'm sh*tting on you all
When I came through, different angles, perpendicular to y'all
Native Tonto with the tomahawk, I cut them horizontal, with the drama [?]
The foreign form of expression, the pagan [?] is too high
Coolio once said I bathe in flames and pray to dragons
Sagging with my pants, dipping lane to lane, bang-a-bang
I got a fast draw, single action collapse lungs from the old west
Above the setting sun you see the black heart, fly across
On my straight 50 sh*t, I am Co$$ slash Allah
But the monks in Shaolin call me Iron God
You ain't never let the iron off, you lying God
You living false, I'm about the cherries with lemon frost
Chop [?] fingertips, the women floss harder than y'all
Rhythm and blues [?], these n*ggas on some sinking sh*t
Can't f*ck with them

[Verse 5: Swt Pea]
I get a b*tch warm, Areola
In my palm, bent over the futon
Watch me get long, yeah I get it on
Strong like King Kong, get it wet, all tongue
Bust free like bail bonds, off service and no funds
I'm a king to these pawns, get touched up and p*ssed on and hung at dawn
Til you're all gone or stuck in a storm
Under the lawn, halfway to Hong Kong
No cross or headstones sitting high on my throne
I blend in like James Bond, big fish in a pond
Counting chips, Don [?]
You thinking it's all fun and you seeing somebody run
Screaming "he got a gun"
See me, then see none then it's back to sipping rum, cause I need some
Thinking "damn, what have I done? All he said is where you from"
f*ck it, he was a bum, all I know is I won and there can only be one

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