I Gotcha


You told me today that you quit your girlfriend
I'd be the next one to ease on in
You promised me it would be just us two
I'd be the only girl kissin' on you
Now you got a girl, but you still want me
Remember nothing in life is free
If you want your cake and eat it too
Come here, boy, let me show you what to do

Why don't you just kiss me
Hold it a long time
Hold it, don't turn it loose now
Hold it a little bit longer now
Hold it, go, hold it, yeah
Now ease up off me and get back

You made me a deal, and you're gonna stick to it
You shouldn't have promised if you wasn't gonna do it
You saw me and ran in another direction
I'll teach you to play with my affection
I played mistress for too long
Now your butt is mine plus your old girl's gone
Gimme with your all, and don't try to front
So don't act dumb, boy, you know what I want

Come on now, give it here
You never should have promised to me
Give it here, don't say nothin'
Just give it here, don't hold back now
Give it here, go

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