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"Road Warriors"

Da ReXxX
Well ride
It is what is, dawg

Turn around land
(Over here!)
To east river
(Over here!)
Get the stage..

It is what is!


[Verse One: Punchline]
I spit fire when I jump in the booth
Straight arsonist, I’m highly marketed to the underground, it’s targeted
Rhymes get better with time, I put my heart in it
Don’t swine when I dine but this microphone I’m hogging it
Twenty-two days on the road, lifestyle out of control
Like a baker I’m getting this dough
Another country, another hole, more drama
In the hotel killing that Bush like Osama
Punch and the Snowgoons, we keep the crowd moving
The hottest, we not losing, we don’t give a bumsen
Choosing to be the Scheiße, we all riding
Your rap career's the reason the rap game’s dying
Don’t knock brothers, we hustle with block huggers
My n*ggas coming for that head like a c*cksucker
All wack ass rappers we straight riding
Go against the Road Warriors and you’re dying

[Hook: Fel Sweetenberg]
Burn the rubber, let no man put us under
Through the lightning and the thunder, the next world wonder
We hotter than the summer and bold enough to smoulder you
We the Road Warriors, the Road Warriors

[Verse Two: Fel Sweentenberg]
Yo Sadat X, me and Berg connect
The Goonsnow and balloons the flow come at your neck most direct
A major problem that your department cannot correct
You’re sick as heck, the black David Berkowitz
I roam the set, comb the stretch for known threats
Uphold the rep, the chosen vets compose a sketch for swollen checks yes
Sittng in your rap inside a folder on my desk
So you best, the pony express ?
It’s wordless so each word is curved liked an S
Get strangled till your last word float off your last breath
You’re lower than earthworms come out of dead flesh
At the venue extra fresh on the ? signing breasts
Every ghetto, every city, every borough, every hood
It’s all just unwritten, everybody understood
And think you’re sweet if you can like Little Engine That Could
Hit the road and flood the engine Warriors hey yo what’s good


[Verse Three: Sadat X]
Splash fest, splash on her chest, stain up her yes
The cowboy range is the world
Get drunk, see Earl
Mom you not safe, blow the whole eighth, Sadat flossing
One to the nozzle, cash rule everything around me
Dude wanna pound me, these faggots are (?) y’all know the voice
I drink off the vine man, might stay in the Rhineland
With Ana and Gretta, she touched me, I let her
Many moves, Snowgoons, Snobodies, you’re all funny moneys
To bills with George face, see the benjies, all lits ass, same in the sky
The apple of my mama eye, I get high ?
Of course Atlanta gonna burn, I holla and she don’t say a word
Play the odds, how the f*ck you gonna play the gods?
Understand the cowboy rides alone
You get hit with the stone, f*ck that you gonna bury your own


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