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What up Detroit
I'd like to welcome everybody to the
First Annual Detroit Hip-Hop Recognition Awards
Secondly I'd like to thank you for coming out
And supporting all of our events this year
Especially the Awards show
That means a lot to us. [Proof 1]
The vision behind the Award show
Is to recognize our own
Talents, feats and accomplishments
Both locally and nationally
With the community a part of the success of people like
Eminem, D12, Obie Trice, Slum Village, Fat Cat
Sick Notes, Fat Killers, Almighty Dreadnaps
Raw C and Silent Riot, just to touch on a few
The first award we'll be presenting tonight
Is the Hip-Hop Recognition Award [Proof 2]
This Award is to recognize
The individual for outstanding support of Detroit Hip-Hop
When I think of that
One person stands out without a doubt
From the days of the Hip-Hop shop
To the days of multi-platinum record sales
You'll see this guy on MTV Wednesday night

Then you'll catch him at St.Andrews Hall Friday night hosting a battle. [Proof 3]
He's been around the world
And still finds time to get back to the city
That being said, it's both a pleasure and an honour
To present the first Annual Hip-Hop Recognition Award [Purple Pills starts playing]
To none other than my man, Big, Proof!

[Proof 1]
Pssh, Damn man
My city love me, I love my city man
I feel like I'm lettin' 'em down
I done so much
But don't feel like I've accomplished, nothin' at all

[Proof 2]
I remember when me 'n' Hip-Hop first fell in love man
Detroit and Hip-Hop, damn, pssh

[Proof 3]
Psh, eh. Cause I ain't changin' for sh*t
I'ma always be me

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