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Zone 2

"Behind Barz"

[Verse 1: Kwengface]
Like, like
Hella chingin'
Man wan talk 'bout scores when he got bored, he done no chingin'
I done went home with my shank all blooded
See I thought that I did him
N' yea my flicky's smelly
Turn it right dig it, dig it
And everyone's talkin' smoke
'Til I back this pole & I leave man ghost
Gyally on me from the Brandon blocks out 'ere tryna give man throat (Ucky)
Gyally wan talk 'bout love, hold this pole
We done Zone 2 stepped on their block
Like, did you forget that bro?
I weren't feelin' that drill that day-
So I passed that skeng to Bruce
This 4-4 long be new & this old bruck-back is from World War 2
I see bare of my opps duck, (duck,duck,duck) when I back this goose
My n*ggas do shanks and shoot
Man stays on the mains and I back that Bruce
This spin ting real like thunder
Now I got my flick knife under
Chris -browning with the fat back, had to ask that like whats' that number?
And no, we can't stop them drillings, until a mans 6 feet under
I'm in a Journey tryna to go shoot & score, mans feelin' like Alex Hunter

[Verse 2: Karma]
If it ain't one then I'm two shanks up
If it ain't a 2 times 2 times 3 add 3, then you're really in luck
Psycho baby, I'm nuts
'Cause this temper runs in my blood
Really on volts, but see me and duck
Real talk, you don't wanna get bucked
Talk tough, but you soon get touched
f*ck verbal, I don't wanna cuss, punks
Opps love do it for snap
But they love dash, when we jump out, bang, bap
Aim for your hoodie or hat
LooseScrew ran with his f*ck off nank
Twin 1 ran away with his dot dot 2
Twin 2dashed home, shoulda seen dat boost
And I'm still finna do it like Kwengface
Finna just lean with the bottie and shoot
Real life war zone, zone 2 pep
I'm a psycho boy, but I zone 2 step
Anyone on me's wet
Ayy, anything opp get drenched
Anything opp gets shaved
And I'm Moscow K
Dem man screaming out Brandon like Omar finna wire the gauge
How you add a K to my name
I'm already Karma
K-A-Y-O-S, still causin' chaos
And I still jugg when I'm sick
There's no way I could take that day off
Psycho member , do it with LR
f*ck feds & free up my guy
They tryna do up my bros like Nelson Mandela
Opp got splashed like how many times
I'm suprised nobody ain't dead up
Opp block tour tryna leave man bread up
Splash man down, stay down don't get up
Kwengface and Karma
How many times have we hopped out whips
But oh sh*t but dem man move faster
I swear them man love run but your life's all done up like a phone with no charger

[Interlude: Kwengface]
*Imitates shooting of shotgun*
Bap, Bap
Shout out my 2's
Free the n*ggas locked down, yah zimme

{Verse 3: Karma}
Imma psycho, Imma psycho boo
LR is a psycho too
Zone 2, really ride n' shoot
If bro is ridin', then i'm ridin' too
Pecknarm'd off in a dinged-out whip
Anythin' B get lit up, hit up
Anythin' B get dipped
Thick thighs, yeah i love that ish
Big batty, peng face and I love them tits
Slim waist, got hold them hips
She said she wanna hold this di*k
Jeet that, man beat that
Ride in gang doff in the C-mass
Put two hands on a dottie and lean back
I trap, I trap mash 'cause I need that cash
Last night, I was jeetin a good one
Now i'm getting hat off endz yat
I'm getting blows off a dirty thot
I swear I'm going to tap that, tap that down right now, I have no surge to stop
Jump out whips, dem boots to shot
Dem man dash, when I zone 2 bop
They hide in shops like "save me boss"
Little bro left his nank at home
How could he be so foolish?
Bro learnt from his mistake
Grip nanks, don't lack if your life is important
Jump with a four door whip with bro
Ride out, tryna swerve dem corners
We know your not bad, don't force it
Ride out, we won't need no horses
I'm your local neighbourhood opp
Yutes dem run when they see this don
Say stop right there, but I ain't no cop
Might just step through the Brandon blocks
If I see a yute move mence, he will get soaked like a dirty pot
Can't so we don't get lurky
But round there we've been lurking lots
Still don't see these guys
You can't be moist and savage
Your a wet guy not Jekyll and Hyde
n*ggas all running and hiding
Its not hide and seek, it's hide and bang when I bludclart find him
Or it's a dip-dip knife
And do it like P, I'm riding, riding
Oh sh*t, gang sh*t, its exciting

[Verse 4; Kwengface]
17 minus 10 minus 5, that was quick maths
Man just step with bruce , in a 2 point 2 finna go dip that
Man just lean out the ride
Beaut and smooth finna go wig man
Man a just buck that ru, buck that ru with a mad kickback
More time when we step 'round der
Somethin' gets slapped or poked
Big Bruck-back in my rucksack like, it can't even fit in my coat
I'm all 'round here dishing up smoke
I got corn for a neighbouring hoe
I just 2-2 step and flex with bro and if not i'm chillin in O
Pull up on all your friends
Pop out and whip that skeng
Tryna leave bagel fatal, bally on face like f*ck the feds (Truss me)
Man just pull up in shades, kweng man's face, kweng man's friend (ching!)
Man just hit dons, but I ain't hit squad
Shout out to M and Denz
Ok, ok
Lemme just get this straight
Man a just boot man's face
Man just Richard Rambo, do it then skate (skate)
Man a just peel man's mango with a rambo I will do man bait (ching)
Bro just calling me Django, from an angle, I will twist man's face
If I ever go tap this wap
Im tryna hit man's head or back
And the ting go skrkrkrkrkrat
Dip dat, skid, skat
I'm like show me where your olders at
Like show me where your olders at?
Mans on your block and I'm talkin' dank
And this twin ting all on deck, comin' like Zack and Cody
Manna just aim and shoot, aim and shoot you would've thought I was Kobe (bow,bow)
Man a just lean and attack
Use one eye, woulda thought I was Toby
In da field, imma shaolin monk
I got Brucie callin' me Omi (shao, shao,shao)

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