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Flvme (SA)

"The Originalz"

Part I

[Verse 1: Flvme & Die Mondez]
Tryna keep my dawgs outta the dog pound
You already know, for my n***as I'm going all out
Lil n***a, wat'chu talkin' 'bout?
I was 16 when I made it out my mom house
Private locations, they cannot find us
Can't describe my touch without the midas
Heart of a tiger, concrete jungle survivor
We was tryna multiply while they was tryna divide us, uh

Yeah, and you telling stories nobody buyin'
Yeah, you telling stories, they know you lyin'
We ju' over here laughing at you and smokin' the finest
I'm starting to lose respect for these n***as that I admire
Realized most of them is livin' double lives
But f**k it, I'm dropping hits and this sh*t one hell of a high
Don't you doubt me, I'll ride if it's ever 'bout me and mines

Damn!, look, but you can go ahead and try
But swear to God, I promise you not gonna survive
But you can pull on the boy if you really ready to die

[Pre-Hook: Zoocci Coke Dope]
I don't feel, I'm too ill
Try your luck if you will
To make it out the bottom takes skills
Free my guys on those fields
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