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Go Diego Go!
Go Diego Go!
Go Diego Go!
Go Diego Go!

Told you don’t f*ck on dat hoe
No Diego No!
You got STD’s, Oh No!
Bounce out wit a 4
Get a pint and I pour me some more
Rollie on me, you broke
Checked ya SoundCloud, that was a joke
Stop tryna act woke
Stop hittin up hoes
We on a roll
Comin in wit the hits and the snow
Blower on me, got ice I’m cold
Yo flows are hella old
Just like that b*tch you fold

Go Diego Go!
Go Diego!

All of these b*tches like to recommend
How dis di*k can take them straight to the end
Gettin the perky and ima go send
Lame lil n*ggas, they ain’t wit the deets
Check out these chicks, yeah I call em my peeps
Don’t hit my phone
Brainwash these b*tches, I lend em a bone
Now they wanna take me out on a loan
Never say never, but b*tch when I’m Rome
So much green, need a washing machine
If it’s not dirty, I make sure it’s clean
Takin the Wok and I serve to the fiend
Pour me a pint, yea you know I got lean
Cartels in my bloodline
I’ll slice your throat, if you take mine
The bills countin up, they mine
Lil Count Dracula, I’m sippin
n*ggas be flexin they money and weapons
Turn into pussies when I get the preppin
Ain’t no more hidin
My homies be ridin
And they gonna pop out if we catch you steppin
Day in and Day out, I work 24
Pour up a liter, you know this ain’t Coke
Got my name tatted cause this ain’t a joke
I’ll be up in the studio

Go Diego Go!

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