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Nicki Minaj, Drake & Lil Wayne

"Changed It"

[Intro: Lil Wayne]
I did it for everybody out here on their own
I did it for the ones who walk a mile in them cages
And never tell me no
Come get me when I fall, and tell me when I'm wrong
But you should know I bought 'em
I changed it, I changed it
They say that sh*t the same, it ain't the same, though
I changed it, I changed it

[Chorus: Lil Wayne]
Oh my god, I changed it
Oh my god, they on the same sh*t
Oh my god, I changed it
Oh my god, they still on the same sh*t
You can't say nothin', you can't say nothin'
You end up everywhere you say you wasn't
Is that your boyfriend? Why you say that's your cousin?
I don't do handshakes, that sh*t disgusts me

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
The big 3 on the court, b*t*h at them bleachers
I don't wanna have to break bad like it screeches
A b*t*h out in Atlanta eating them peaches
A b*t*h got more bars than where Big Meech is
No, you can't bone it, n***a, ain't no Lisa here
She gon' dread dissin' Nicki like Lisa hair

I buy, lil n***a, ain't no leaser here
The b*t*h gambled her career, now it's gon' be severe
I just be watchin' b*t*hes pitfalls
Stopped doin' pills, but b*t*h dem withdrawals
I am in my mansion rockin' pink drawers
I leveled up, b*t*h, I switched flows
MJ to the teens, I am Billie Jean and the b*t*h is my son
I'm doin' it for fun, I am the first number, tell them b*t*hes I won

This hoe gettin' slick, so I put on gym shoes and extended my run
MJ, game 6, (you my) Jackson, Tyson
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