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Lil Baby

"Cannot Bargain*"

Lyrics from Snippet

...Funny, ya, ya, ya
I shoulda knew you was the rat the day you told me
Hunnid racks in all duffs, there ain't no folding' me
I ain't no puppet, that way nobody controllin' me
I'm gonna [?] on this [?], they're ain't no holdin' me
Got the Maybach, Benz truck, I'm tryna buy one
I told lil shawty, "Just let bygones be bygones"
Tell the Feds, "Get off my di*k, I ain't gotta buys gun
Ain't got the right one," yeah

Press the button right there to let the doors in
Go hard all year, okay, I'm goin' all in
This house rise every way, she callin' your friends
My work all done, ayy, yeah, I cannot bargain

To let the doors in
I'm goin' all in
She callin' your friends
I cannot bargain

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