Pregnant Boy

"On My Own"

[Intro: Old Man Saxon]
On my own
Yah, n***a
On my own
So I'ma see you later, n***a
On my own
b*t*h I'm on my own
I'm on my own
Yah, Yah, Yah

[Verse 1: Old Man Saxon]
Drinks been paid for, for that night
No dimes spent, you know that's right
Got a couple thick chicks that been on my side
Got a couple in the club that done caught my eye
Beats take over me sonically
Please pass some of them chronic leaves
Couple more shots then I gotta leave
But you can catch me leaned back like Keanu Reeves

But I'm riled up, mean with the bass
Don't lick the bag, leave me a taste
Stress with the beef, seems it could wait
'Cause I'd rather bake shake, cause scenes in Kuwait
Moving hella slow but he seems in the race
Better ease up if you keeping the pace
Where we gon' go you gon' need you a chase
So you better ease up, better ease up
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