Pregnant Boy

"The Wave"

[Intro: Pregnant Boy, Doja Cat]
Waaaaave. (Wave, wave)
Waaaaave, (Wave, wave)

[Chorus: Pregnant Boy]

Hope you can swim, jump in the wave
Don't get seasick when you jump in the wave
I take my durag off, She in the wave
I let her water flow, now i'm out in her wave

[Verse 1: Pregnant Boy]
Life can be a b*t*h [?] Jump in the wave
And when I saw that b*t*h, yeah you know I had to wave
You know I had to wave
You know I had to wave so I did the cannonball and I jumped in the wave

I'm in that stadium, (ah), I see the wave
Here it comes, (ah), here goes the wave
Put your hands up, (uh), And do that wave
'cause we ridin' so clean and I wanna see ya with Doja on

[Verse 2: Doja Cat]

He bring the woods, he come to blaze
Kiki hit three times now i'm seeing waves
It's hot in L.A. Sun got the waves
Remy, or Yaki, go back down the wave
We make them jump like a [?]
c*cky as f**k, 'cause yo shorty don't fave
No filter in my twister, all my n***as that's the wave
Goggles on with flippers like, b*t*h you gotta wave
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