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"Mr. Whomp Whomp"

b*tch! Who dat' n*gga, who dat' n*gga, who dat' n*gga
Turn him up on the mic

Verse one:

Who was born to rowdy, be bout my dottie, thinking I'm Lil' Gotti
Tats on my body, catch 'em, shottie, with that red beam dottie
When they call me pop, n*gga's call me mister hit 'em get 'em
Or just, bad motherf*cker, because I'm quick to spit 'em, dismiss 'em
I beat the total livin', somebody get 'em
Before I put this in 'em and even the doctors won't admit 'em
Look, I won't bullsh*t 'em, the school, put you wupe you in the jammie
(Soldier put it on something)
Put it on my mama and her mammie
Lay it, thrown out the nanny
Got these n*ggas hate me ballie
Sending they pus*y at me just to see a n*gga stab me
Don't have my marbles at all, I'm horrible dog
Don't believe me, watch me, action when I give this call


It's mister whomp, whomp, whomp, whomp (there he is, there he is)
Whomp, whomp, whomp, whomp (there gotta be a)
Whomp, whomp, whomp, whomp (there he is, there he is)
Whomp, whomp, whomp

Verse two:

I'm the dopiest thing since the Rock
Cause the stock about a single jaws block
The only rapper slash n*gga with a endorsment from a Glock
I'm gain n*gga go head and put that in yo' vain n*gga
When you bought the Cd, you got it because of my name n*gga
The one with the double R, till every track he busted on
Won't give a f*ck who else on, look I'm pure competition
Just an example with the expedition
And I'm still making songs for the prisons
n*gga's besta tip, and went when C.B. Jones came about
Can't see a n*gga taking me out
From Tennessee to Atlanta, shy town, and back home
What they wanna here when I touch that microphone


Verse three:

I use to use to be a drug pusher
Now I'm that dope in your sub-woofer
Only for the coke cookers that ook us
But ain't no affording me
Can't go no where don't act accordingly
The only person that notice me is God and that n*gga recording me
You wanted a hero well here I be, capital F-I-e-n-d you peeping me
See frequently f*cking over your frequency
Talking 'bout our producers like quantity
Follow me, every since I said the quarter ki
Checking for me in Blockbuster every quarterly
Pardon me, I don't know if I'm the sh*t, or just another n*gga bump
But right now I'm the n*gga that's damaging your trunk


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