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"This For My..."

Look alive, recognize, my man Shocker
Money, power, fame, ya know I'm saying, whatever
But listen, who you really do this for Shocker?
Tell em what you really do this for

This for my thug n*ggas (huh), what, my drug dealers
From the pound to mix around, hard to give you a hug n*ggas
For my key and a half n*ggas
Facing 10 but took a plea for 3 and a half n*ggas
For n*ggas who look the four corners, sit in the dark
Ghetto sh*t, ghetto n*ggas, the ones that spit when they talk
sh*t, n*gga put shots, better believe they be hitting your heart
I can't stop, everything that I drop
What they doing?, hitting the charts
This for the real, the fake I just can't respect y'all
This for the one with the 3 hearts in the cut
Only use the phone to make collect calls
This for my real n*ggas that be holding they ground
In the middle of the projects, still holding it down
For my Thurston House n*ggas
The triple beam n*ggas
The ones that scheme n*ggas
To get the cream n*ggas
I mean the ones by any mean n*ggas
The ones that keep it real, that keep the steel
Always survive, gotta ride n*gga, creep to chill
To all my East n*ggas, my West n*ggas
My South n*ggas, my North n*ggas
The ones with no heart n*ggas
The ones that set it off from start n*ggas
The ones like me, that's popping in the game
If you tell em once, they ain't listening
I come back, and I'm popping them things
The ones who put lies in they names, so hit the block
See that biggest n*gga, tell that, yo, n*gga you gotta raise up off the spot
You got til 12 o'clock to raise up
Good bye or I'm coming back with the gauge up
For all my n*ggas that be like Silkk's my dawg
For all y'all n*ggas that be hating, I be like f*ck all y'all

This for my n*ggas

This my motherf*cker, ya heard me?
Yeah, Shocker, Shocker, Shocker, yeah
Friend, friend, friend

What? Huh? Huh? Huh?
This for n*ggas like P
I mean n*ggas like C
n*ggas down the bars, n*ggas that's down to ride for me
I put in your chest, put in your vest, put you to death
I don't give a f*ck, I feel like I'm a second from my last breath
n*gga f*ck, I mean
This is for my n*ggas who gotta like, pay they rent
Before, they just reach in they pocket and all they see is lint
This for my n*ggas
Y'all know this for my...


This for my, this for my


This who I do it for, this for my, this for my

Keep it moving

Yeah, my real n*ggas and my real b*tches

Keep it moving, y'all
Keep it moving, y'all
This for my, this for my

My n*ggas who be thugging, my n*ggas who be struggling
My n*ggas who be hustling, all my dawgs, I don't care which color
This for my real n*ggas, my ill n*ggas, my chill n*ggas
My n*ggas who down and dirty, the ones who get it how they live n*ggas
My n*ggas with little dough, like T and Little Joe
Want to congratulate ya, don't hate ya, `cause ya got a little more
For my No Limit n*ggas, my project n*ggas
My out there n*ggas (Where my n*ggas at?)
Respect that n*gga (Where my n*ggas at?)
This for my balling n*ggas, my shot calling n*ggas
All my n*ggas, especially my New Orleans n*ggas
This is for my rowdy n*ggas, my bout it n*ggas (Bounce!)
Silkk the Shocker live, (Shocker live n*gga) n*gga
Audi n*gga (Shocker live n*gga)

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