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"God or Government?"

It's really going down man, it's a war for your mind, body, and soul you know what I mean? Like, it's not about money they make the money you know what I'm saying? So, it's really about control you know what I mean? Over your soul you know what I'm saying? Like, how many people they can control as slaves you know what I'm saying? And um, you know, they got us, they got us man with food, with fashion, with everything entertainment, like everything man they got our minds in a trap man

[Verse 1]
Yeah, uh, all I see is puppeteers money and politics is the puppeteer. I'm sure it go higher, I'm sure it go deeper though that throne called a body about a week ago. Lord forgive me I'm in the groan with Peter like, swing a sword at the head of these leaders like, we're gonna live a little blood shed water the tree of liberty leave them all a couple liters like, it's not a threat or a promise it's a cinema politics is toxic boy isn't it? I know the pain is menacing but they saying that His Word is mightier so I'm 'gon and get this pen again popping nosy politicians I don't want to hate them, rather see them and greet them in peace [?] it's not a apocalyptic it's complicated honor authority? I feeling like the honor is fading

[Verse 2]
They say it's gangster man, when you be popping shells but what's gangster is when you make a Nation take a L for the sake of self wicked politicians chasing wealth bring it, let it be on earth as it is in hell. Bohemian Grove spell and Occult practice, Masonic rituals and spirits cooking up some blackness. You wouldn't fathom the wickedness that's scripted it's cryptic behind some of these politicians. It's nothing new, nothing new, and we know this, the God of Israel had to raise up a Joseph soak and do the same with or without devoters even to a seed of influence just like the Polis just to prove that He reigns over government His Kingdom ain't the same as democrat and republican both will have to answer on the day of that judgment one Nation under God leads you straight from covenants

[Verse 3]
I can hear the inconsistent seas in the news that they pitch to me and I can see the long history and mysterious. It's the truth in these conspiracies cause I can clearly see things are not as they appear to be. Like what really went on at Manhattan or 9/11? Was it really Osama Bin Laden's men getting their hacking on did they crash into the twin towers and pentagon did that happen? Or was it all a distraction to cover up the insurance fraud cause they cashed in on billions was it a con that they masking with terrorism just to split the profits I'm asking?

Flight 93, there was no debris, they claim a plane hit the pentagon but no one sees, we want the facts about building 7 but don't receive then they try to tell us that Bin Laden's body was thrown to sea? (Please). And don't ask who the Illuminati is cause they'll deny them even though their existence is obvious huh? They do the dirt and they cover it and this is why I don't put my trust in our government. I won't support a politician with a Godless vision so I don't vote, you may not agree but that's my decision. My hope is not in man, it's in the God that's risen it's only to Jesus Christ that I will offer my submission. I have no problem submitting to authority but I have a problem with comprising morally. See anything you put before the Lord becomes an idol so before the laws of man it's that Word and that Bible this Kingdom will fall but here's a key verse Matthew 6:33 says that we should seek first the Kingdom of God and that and that's before you leave earth so is this government your god or is it reversed?

So how, how do you see? Um, sorta the role like these conspiracy theories play like how is the man being controlling in this stuff? Um, just through food, you know? Um, the environment you know? Medication, you know? [?] you know? It's a lot of stuff man, it's a lot you can go down to whole line it's a whole web (yeah) a network of things you know what I mean? Um, man that's what I believe you know what I mean? People, people are most definitely being manipulated you know what I mean? It's a business. And what, what can you do as an artist what can we do as a media to change this? We can uh, you know um, just be rebellious (um?) speak about it (yeah) say something

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