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So lets rewind then
Back when he was walkin' with blind men
Back when he was fallin' behind man
Back never knowing the "Love
Worth Finding"

He was never calling to find Him
He was just going to find sin
He was so hopeless but right then
He was changed in a moment
Found the true friend
A king, his God. He took his sin

He was told "get in the boat"
And so he climbed in
Now a fisher of men
Now with his pen
To give you a picture of Him
When he rhymes man

He's been forgiven more then x10
For Him, he's been livin' with all his time spent
With a purpose he's been given until his life ends
He found life when
He was lifeless
Now his life 's His

A man stood in the pulpit
Told 'em what Life gives
He bowed his knee in the bedroom
Now his life lives
He was born again
Now because of that life gift
That's the truth
It changed what his life meant

Now, he's sent
He's got a story to tell
A man on the radio has a story as well
He said, "I rather scare you into heaven
Then lull you to hell!"
His eyes have seen the glory of a soul that is well
So thank you Dr. Rogers
Though, you never got to meet
A fifteen year old kid who was lost in the streets
His life was changed by the words that you speak
That fifteen year old kid
That kid was me

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