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The Black Keys

"Night Write"

[Verse 1]

More each day
I spill this pen still;
No pencil could heal my yearning heart
It's kill or be killed
Am I ill, or this night a waste of time
Better spent sleeping than sitting upright writing rhymes?
I do it cuz it feels good and I think I got flow, and something new to show the black dominated game; it's like the paint in the NBA
See I tend to stay on topic rather than mindlessly frolic or spew meaningless deposits of fragmented thoughts that go then hit a wall quick into the garbage

[Verse 2]

Life is a video game
I think and never say
Some people get too into it, inhabit the arcade
And having outbursts every single day
When really we're all someway gonna fade away
Relay this knowledge I have given to your brain today
And pray to the creator of the milky way -
Pouring it on your cereal making a lushes combination
Enjoy it but do not stray from the path cuz you know death is on the way
And wrath is a sin to be repaid
Lotta eh's
Well I'm Canadian
Sorry, ice skates and hockey
Look outside the Playdium

[Verse 3]

I'm the epitome of badassery, don't need flattery
Slap you with my double D battery
Where your head at?
Hidden in your anal cavity
Diss everything you see; your best friend must be gravity
Step on me, you'll be up but blown see
Cuz mine lines are simple but underlined
Unrefined from the mind, and the underlyin' meanin' this time
Is that I'm defined like a big bright comet in the sky
Coloring the dry black with a shining line
Disguised as a plane to those who ain't so wise
Size ain't the measurement here;
You need to reanalyze
When your stack of gold collapses
You'll be makin' sighs

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