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Johnny Cash


[Verse 1: Johnny]
Heroes, larger than life
Up on the screen, every night
On the late show, oh what a great show

[Verse 2: Waylon]
Heroes, under the gun
Fighting for justice, for everyone
And we follow, where ever they go
Heroes, standing up tall
Taking their chances, risking it all
So you know there'll always be heroes

[Verse 3: Johnny]
Heroes, so good to know
So hard to find, sad when they go
Like the shadows, on the high road
Heroes, ever on track
Never give up, never look back
Never lay low, oh never grow old
Heroes, right from the start
They fall in love, straight from the heart
So you know they'll always be heroes

[Chorus: Johnny]
Ride on safe from all danger
Where have you been for so long
I've been waiting for another star
To rise in my night again
Give me a reason we all must carry on
Like all the heroes have done

[Verse 4: Johnny]
Heroes, facing the fight
Calling for courage, trying to do right
When the dust blows, and the light goes
Heroes, tried and true
One for the other, ready to do
It tomorrow, like it was the last show
Heroes, put to the test
Keeping a promise, doing their best
So you know, there'll always be heroes


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