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What if we can’t be this perfect genius
Thesis deans list virgin jesus
Shirt n clean crisp jeans fitted
And all straight from the seamstress
Seamless persons we all fall to pieces
What if peace is something more than appeasement
And power rules the world living peacefully is treason
Defenceless defeat in allegiance of demons
Peace isn’t pleasing the people it’s a belief in people above profits
Profits that speak for peace more often than not reap their fair share of beatings
It’s not naive in the least it’s hard fought
And the deepest thought in the peak of our reason is peace

Just another young lyricist spitting that unserious
It’s clear that conscious rap is dead we done hearing it
Heads filling that trap ‘cause we trap still
Trapping only stats still rap about how blacks kill black
‘cause no one wants to hear those facts still
That’s so 90’s that’s sending the facts
Still no paper in that reel no paper in that mill
Half mil plus locked up who want to listen to that? Chill
All we want is peace the poor and the rich
From the beaches to the streets
So we rather hear beats than the sound of the beast
Now these comics is prophets see the clown as he weeps
Crack jokes crack eggs for a feast
Got us all scrambled gotta beat ‘em just to eat
And it’s not taught which teaches us to repeat
The strong cycle of violence now it’s harder than peace
It’s not naive in the least it’s hard fought
It’s the deepest thought in the one thing that we seek
It’s not just talk when we meet when we greet
When we grieve when we leave the last word we speak

(Hope has a cost. Hope is not comfortable or easy. Hope requires personal risk, it is not about the right attitude or peace of mind. Hope is action. Hope is doing something. Hope never makes sense. Hope is weak, unorganized, and absurd. Hope which is always nonviolent exposes in its powerlessness the lies, the fraud, and coercion. Hope posits that people are drawn to the good, by the good. This is the secret to hope’s power.)

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