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"Out of Love Pt. 2"

[Verse 1]
So I wrote this song once, out of love
About a scrub in a crowded club or lounge
Surrounded by these hounds and thugs
And he goes home and he pouts because
Well first of all, his ears hurt from shouting stuff
Trying to flirt when the sound is up
So he already feels down and plus
He just got clowned and struck out so many times
That now he's out of touch, well as the story goes
That boy never found his luck, sleeps in his folks' house
On the couch or just around the rug
Legs spread starfish-style, mouth is up
Singing Look Out the Window and the Blah Blah
Loud as what? You know childish stuff
The things you do when you're lonely
But homies gotta be all proud and such
Like "we don't love them hoes," that's what they all say
Still I seen many fall prey to a doll face
They saying I ain't all straight
Cause dimes recognize me now in the hallway
And flash a smile, I pass 'em quick with a small wave
Basically punk 'em so my boys get mad and punch me
In the junk til my balls ache

[Verse 2]
Guess Shad's back on that emo tip, oh good
The scarf and the tight jeans complete the whole look
Why don't you go cook
Some vegan food and rent The Notebook?
We all need a good cry Shad, you so should!
Then maybe you'll feel better and won't put
Together another lame long love song with no hook!
Go sniff a rose bush and learn how to rap again
I thought you got your flow back, what happened man?
You had that super difficult, seven syllables at the minimal
A-typical schemes and you packed 'em in
Now you slack and when you rapping, you have to grin
Cause you know that them rhymes is as wack as sin
And not half as dope as you had 'em then
Shad dude, when was the last time you grabbed a pen
And worked your brains out, spat flames out? You tame now
Sort of got this half-way lame style
And this is sort of an aside, but you've gained pounds
Spending all day layed out on that same couch
Whatever happened to "I want a Clair Huxtable"
And "the only rap videos I make are instructional"?
I think you got a little bit too comfortable
And you still out of love, so what you gonna do?

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