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"The Greatest Construction Crew"

Now the first kid in the crew is called imagination
The team would have him stationed first to work on the aspirations
But with him it’s all about having patience
There’s no exact science to his magic making
But imagination’s still the world’s finest engineer
Who invents by merely paying no attention to his peers
Tends to veer from convention and has a penchant for beers
Brewed from sunsets he says he drinks until his senses clear
He’s Einstein brilliant, with skills to design building spines
No mind is equal, so he spends his time with children on site
He draws the blueprints to set the plan in motion
So you know he always takes his time to create designs
Imagination works without tools or drills
He’s not trained, and never went to school for skills
Still, nothing starts ‘til he hits the site
He often brings his sketches to the foreman in the middle of the night
Then he heads home ‘til the next project starts
Leaving the boss to put together all the parts

A foreman’s a born leader with a strong eye for detail
To some it’s surprising that the boss is a fe-male
But more remarkable is how she starts to go once the plans are drawn
Assembling the squad and supplies so the job doesn’t die on paper
Whether it’s a song soliloquy or strong skyscraper
Her name is intellect
But her friends call her mental just for short, and for jokes
And though she boasts all the credentials
Most incredible of all of her traits is
Is as small as a shape is, she’s as strong as an ape is
She even does most of the work all on her own
Carrying bricks and stones, but its tricks don’t check it
Sis' applies physics if the load is heavy
And she always goes slow and steady until she knows it’s ready
See, intellect is mathematic, professional
And perpetually pragmatic, but skeptical
So she measures all the angles and checks the scales;
She makes plans, then makes plans for if the plan fails
She also oversees all the company’s construction
And when the team is finished there’s just one more part;
A specialist to make the creation a real piece of art

Now heart’s not a craftsman
But all the skill in the world adds up to just a fraction
Of the soul in his passion
He makes pieces long lastin’
Like intellect, he’s small and humble
But if he wasn’t involved it all would crumble
See, heart applies a polish that puts a special shine
On the work that intellect built
And the imagination designed
Plus, he also adds a touch of the divine
To protect from the grind of the elements over time
Without him, great pieces often go to waste
And he makes the less refined unique in every case
He’ll work through all conditions, even in snow and rain
Somehow pushing himself through the coldest days
Covered in cuts and scratches with no complaints, and Novocaine;
Just a threshold for pain that’ll blow your brain
Workin’ through the setbacks
And when it’s done it’s just on to the next task

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