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"Old Prince"

All 7 and we'll watch them fall
They stand in the way of love
And we will smoke them all
With an intellect and a savior-faire

What a little rascal, cash prop
Tommy Hill in some Reebok Black Tops
MJ jersey, 45, black socks
That's hot, holla at ya boy, no caps lock
Garage band like Massive Attack
Got a whole lotta kids tryin' to rap on a laptop, ill
Just don't scheme for the jackpot bill
Rep for your team like a mascot
Sasquatch in the backdrop, scream for the slapshot
Cup raised, Chi-town black hawks
Old Prince, crew keep it padlock
Step on stage rockin' blouses and ascots
Cats watch like the show was a catwalk
More like a NASA ship out to blastoff
Shadrach, dope as a sash by the bath salts
Mass cult punch and some crack rock

Rock, rock stitches now, stitch is what I keep 'em in
Wit like a needle pin, spit with an evil grin
And laugh like a haunted house, rap like a black Modest Mouse
Rockin' out whilst on the couch
And it feels pretty good, takin' plaques back to my Van City hood
But I move so much I don't know where my home is
Sad, I'm a homebody but I'm kinda homeless
Showbiz problems, can't lose focus
Throw this down, gon' play like the old Vince
Old Prince, savoir faire in the intellect
Please don't take this off the internet, rock

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