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"The Confrontation (Diss)"

KDsouls - The Confrontation Lyrics

Confrontation of a n*gga
Am just dissing all these rappers
I hate it when they tell me its too soon to claim the crown
Cause You got that n*gga Bobby thinking
He can run the game
Mahn That n*gga is a punk
He couldn’t even f*ck on tape

Am a bigger f*cking problem
When am on my bully sh*t
All the money that I make
Got these n*ggas switching up
I got n*ggas flipping packs
I got n*ggas getting paid
I got n*ggas throwing shade

Not a victim but a killer
When am featured on a track
Had a life of many faces
So it’s hard to know my name
I'm addicted to the drugs/Pain
I just wana take a hit
I just want a little fix
I don't wanna take a risk
I don't like it when I drift

Am a different type of n*gga
When I lose my f*cking mind
Got a problem with a n*gga
Am go tell him to his face
Got a couple n*ggas hating
I can never catch a break
Memories about my life
I was always f*cking up
Even when I was in school
I was always breaking rules
I ain’t tryna say am bad
But these n*ggas f*cking think it
Had to cut some homies out
They’ve been dragging me for years
All these rappers that you praise
Mahn I know they f*cking wack

Now back to MG rappers
I don’t see none worthy
Am the illest in my town
You can tell them I said it
If they tryna start a fight
You can tell them am ready
Flytime music
Got me thinking I don’t need a label
Jay cool he be tripping
Mahn I used to know that n*gga
Momo ain’t a diva
She just whyling on the stage
Name a rapper whose better
I can put him on his knees
If you end up in my lane
You got to deal with all my sins

Strey bwoy is my brother
So you know we bout that fire
Am a Liverpool fan
So I can never walk alone
If I don’t call you out
Then I don’t see a threat
Chef is the only rapper that can stand in my way
SlapDee ain’t a king you can tell him that I said
Macky 2 went soft kinda sad for a n*gga
T-Sean where you at boy fina get a shot
Jae cash no cash
Boy sit your ass down

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