Get Down


I see your face
(Don't change the channel)
Every night and day
(It's just a little bit of Statik)
The thought of you
(Erry Blue Moon big tune)
Just let go of me
(Adé you ready?)

[Verse 1: Wale]
They showin' a flow killer
Never below, n***a
The zone, my cortizone, is twenty below zero
At the bank I'm thanking who gave me this flow n***a
Alice and Frank with 'em, my women be so.. splittupp [yeah]
Now go, Phil A'

[Verse 2: Phil Adé]
I think it's ironic I'm digging a gold digger
Money my goal n***a, got b*t*hes in vogue
n***a no n***as that you know is as cold with the flow n***a
Account is on Potomac but no [?] n***as

[Verse 3: Wale]
Where my South Beach b*t*h can't tell you where Roanoke is
I'm such a cold n***a stuck to the cold n***a
I promise to keep it G, Double-G's on my clothes n***a, I'm Gucci!
(I'm Sergio my n***a
Looking like them OG's that never pose for Insta-)
Gram but not a picture
(Grams is what they picture)
Man, these n***as sweeter than hams with [?]
They [?]
Yeah y'all ain't authentic yet
Come to my city, I bet somebody say I'm real as sh*t
Come to your city, you silly n***as is irrelevant
Never met anyone f**king with me maybe I sell a bit of
Off white girl
Off white [?]
Long flights to God knows where but her
Man I got plans for the world
Stop playin with Barry Sanders, God just sent a Mural
I smash and get the [?]
That's head on face, n***a
God damn, you n***as hittin' yo head on face n***a
I'm fast you n***as uhhh.... Woo!
Moonwalkin' checks n***a UH

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