Go Gettas


Groundkeepers., let's creep
Son of a
Come on

Frozen face look at my wrist
Where the magic at
Pimp's frost just f**ked up
It's where the ratchets at
On the track is where it happened, at the Blade
b*t*hes seranade my escapades outta Escalades
The nannies and Range Rover, high prince
Watch they swinging in the hood
That b*t*h n***a got the hot heads
Look at my iris
Pupils bloodshot like a drunk Iris
So far doing shots with the pilot
30 000 feet reading 'bout the sky mall
But all I want is the asian flight attendant on my balls
Kaleidoscope diamonds, rollercoaster whips
Soon as you hit the bar, I'm at your table
Toasting with your b*t*h
Shoulda bought a bottle and just take a loss
Come around me with a hot head, I turn it into hot sauce
Blow your brains out your skull n***a, memory loss
Wise Peter, f**king pimp, truly yours

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