Nobody Move


[Chorus: ???]
Nobody move, nobody get hurt
Everybody at war, nobody did dirt
Everybody before, nobody on shirt
I said nobody move, nobody get burned

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
After brushing my waves, quick to give you a fade
The hospitable, get down rap n***as that's lyrical
Content compliment the glow, blow, bomb another continent
I'll be down to go, say no mo'
Hoes watch me, foes clock me, but bros copy
That's fo' sho' throw jalopies up in broccoli
We smoke all Indians here, sway sh*t, sway roof
Caramel don coupe, call Snoop, call Luke
You need more b*t*hes to smash
Bottle popping villains at last
Get your wine up, shine up
Come with a lineup to sign up
The guns on us designed up
What do you fear? Make it clear, yo
Alpaca rugs, drop your ashes
Boo, fix your lashes
My sister pulled up in the Aston to see something smashing Wanna smack something Rolex, she blasting
3 million dollars on the table with some African b*t*h
Yo, corporate kingpin that decorate
Now check the label like the Juice Crew
Fruit Punch gear on with ki on
n***as, three on me
Two for you, one for me, I'm straight
I got the b*t*h with the Wraith
Dice game strippers, the wallabee king dippers
Buckle up the rap game like Parasuco zippers
The whip is, the long fo'-fifth is
The smoke spliff is, see the difference?
Can kill you whenever lay in Memphis

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