Prodigy of Mobb Deep

"Bobby Brown"

Tell me what have I done
To cause you grieving, baby

[Verse 1: Blu]
400 barbells ain't heavy as these
I play my tape on them n***as, make heaven for G's
Uh seven seas, we deeper with one speaker to run
Your nuns either we done, we [?] from the bleachers
You can see us we center in the arenas we winners
Your bench? Need to suspend em throughout the season
We [?]. gold boss you lost, stop competing we large
We go hard seven days, you a weekend n***a uh
Trying to link with n***as, trying to buy links with n***as uh
Eat a link 'fore your teeth be in the sink n***a
n***as in sync like N-sync, with n***as, n***as
Get your sh*t back in pocket, need a brinks, need a sweet
Batch of beats and a million to compete

From the west, need a bulletproof vest on the beach
Bobby Brown

[Verse 2 Clutch]
I used to like Madonna, now I like Fiona
Swimming in Vienna, screaming Beni-Hana
Not your kemo-sabe, know the Dalai Lama
Sipping on Saki, chilling with your mama
Growing marijuana, yes I am a farmer
Breeding all these strains then I push it on the corner
Uh the lonely stoner, put you in a coma
Jim told me homie owe me 40 in the morning
Pouring out a little liquor [?] for my dead folk
Slice it with a sickle it's similar to the pen stroke
I been broke but I make it [?] so let's go
Trench coat all up in your end zone 10 strong
Jumping on your chest til your head blown up
Clutch keep your mouth sewn shut
Bobby Brown
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