Prodigy of Mobb Deep

"Lose Your Life"

[Intro: Snoop Dogg]
Whattup cuz?
Snoopie D-O-doub'!
WestCoast king!
What's up Alchemist? (Sup)
I wanna holla real quick man cause see...
Alota these n***as got the game f**ked up, man!
They don't know man!
It's real sad, cause heavy out in those streets man you could loose your like... THAT!

[Hook: Snoop Dogg {Jadakiss}]
You wanna lose your life? {uh-huh!}
Play me got a pocket and mah c*ck it and ya might! (might!)
Yeah! - You wanna lose your life? (yeah!)
n***as gettin' dropped and popped - on the block every night! (every night!){hahaaaaa!}
Yeah! - You wanna lose your life? {uh!}
Money is the key in the street life! (street life!)
Yeah! {yup!} - You wanna lose your life? {nope!}
Walkin' round gang bangin' {uh!} betta keep that thang hangin'! {uh!}

[Verse 1: Jadakiss]
Yo! - 20 lil' missiles in the clip of the .5-7 (uh!)
I'm like navigation if you tryna find heaven! (haha!)
You already know I'm a rare breed, (yeah!)
Sittin' on a nice amount of acres and square feet. - Yeah, see!
Even the best die respect my Columbian neck tie (whoo!)
You just can't pass death by! (uh-uh!)
You can be homie. - Cuhz. - Neutral. (yeah!)
God Body. - Neita. - King. - Zulu. (uh-huh!)
One thing about death it ain't gonna fool you! (uh-uh!)
No reason to lie for nothing to prove too! (no!)

Why you still here though the devil'll use you (yo!)
Closed casket is how I know the bullets abused you! (whooo!)
Even though I'm a boss, I like to eat food, too. (uh-huh!)
Spray a n***a block up when I'm in the mood, too! (run that!)
Blow a blunt, get a drink whatever soothes you! (whatever!)
Cause if it ain't, the street the system'll lose you. (system'll lose you!) - Yeah!
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