Chiraq (Megamix) lyrics

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

[Intro: Young M.A]
Aw man, the squad is here
RedLyfe Pain Gang
You already know I'm happy everybody did they Chiraq
Now the squad 'bout to get on this sh*t
And straight murder everything Brooklyn style
You already know n***a
It's Young M.A, remember that n***a
Finny Music

[Verse 1: Young M.A]
My squad is a bunch of n***as with no manners
We hold hammers
Better duck when that gun flash, no cameras
No jammin', my gun blammin'
Your bullets flying but not landing
God damnit, my hands cramping
This big cannon do big damage
Heat on my side, my hip tanning
My n***a Danger keep the grip near him
They shot my n***a like 5 times but he's still alive and he's still standing
B.I.P to my big bro from 88 to 09
I swear to god it would be problems if that n***a was still alive
Tell these n***as don't f**k with me
I'm not in the right state of mind
Put the Desert Eagle to his forehead and make the n***a have a change of mind
Stop talking that tough sh*t cause you dyke b*t*hes ain't bout that
Heard n***as out here rattin' so I had to set up my mouse traps
Blow a stack and I bounce back
Hit me up for that loud pack
Got shishkaberry, got cookie kush
Got white widow, a whole pound of that
f**k a squad, I'm three deep
You got 10 n***as that's 10 sheep
Plus these pu**y n***as don't want beef
Cause they all chicken, 10 piece
I'm in Crown Heights, I'm in Bed-Stuy
I'm in Brownsville, I'm in C.I
I'm in east New York where them things bump
If a n***a die we don't talk, shh
That's Brooklyn n***a
Them TEC-9s'll cook a n***a
Turn his brains into pudding n***a
I'm not a killer but don't push a n***a
I swear to god I will pull it n***a
Middle finger to them lookin' n***as
You say you got shooters on the roof
Well I got shooters in the bushes n***a
Never ever been a pu**y type
But I know a lot of pu**y dykes
Your sh*t's trash, you can't rap
And the engineer should've took your mic
You ain't a thug, you the mushy type
Fall in love and be hooked for life
You the type that'll kill your b*t*h
If she tried to leave and get booked for life
I'm really a calm n***a but the n***as round me is really rowdy
I'm the type if I don't f**k with you
Don't come near me, don't come around me
This loud pack that we smokin' on
Got the whole car lookin' really cloudy
I'm riding 'round in that white Chevy but my next whip is that black Audi
It's Brooklyn n***a, that's King's County
n***as hate, don't know a thing about me
Only real n***as I bring around me
f**k your foriegns, I rock Jordans
With a tank top and a Jesus piece
That flashy sh*t you n***as wearing really don't mean sh*t to me
I got young boys that'll rob you
For your ACs and credit cards too
With that 380 it ain't hard to
So cooperate or they sparkin' you
I was born alone, I'ma die alone
f**k friends I don't need any
I love money, I get money
I got money and I got plenty
Mr Hayes, when they let you out
I'm right there with them weapons out
You a fake blood, a disloyal n***a
And they gone have to bring them stretchers out
Cause I'm not playing
20 shots, pu**y clot to your chest n***a
You killed my brother now you rest n***a
Naw, f**k that, I got more to say
I know these hoes ain't loyal
Motherf**ker I wasn't born today
f**k M.O.B, I'm M.O.E
I'm just tryna grind and duck the Ds
I told n***as I don't gang bang but for my bro I throw up them Bs
It's Pain Gang, RedLyfe
Don't f**k with them and don't f**k with me
This is Brooklyn n***a, what the f**k you mean?

[Verse 2: cupcakKe]
I say "Murder, murder!"
Tell a b*t*h I might hurt her
I'mma act like a waitress
Cause any b*t*h talking that sh*t, I think I might serve her
I'm from the city of Chi-raq
With my right hand you get smacked
And I ain't talking no ass shaking when I say I'm making that clap
We got other cities intimated like we a motherf**king horror movie
Fruity ass little sweet n***as I call they ass my f**king smoothie
f**k with me when I come through knock a hoe off her feet no kung fu
And I don't even need no Tims on cause I'll stomp a b*t*h in my house shoes
I'll wear you out like my underwear cut you off like my pu**y hairs
I'm like a backyard with them pitbulls you better tell that hoe she better be aware
Cause I'm putting on for my city , I'm a give this beat no pity
I will make you f**k and suck my guys and then expose how yo pu**y friendly
It ain't on my wrist but they watch how I'm flipping bricks on the block
I been slept on for a lil minute, but it's my time with no clock
On the Internet I get blocked, but we don't block sh*t we just box
I'm a n***a strapped with the f**king rifle we'll shake yo ass out cho socks
They be like damn she from the hood where that bang bang sound good
Where you hear that Iraq and that Chiraq we dont explain sh*t it's understood
On Fox News we drilling highest rates of the killings
Cause we dont wait for you to come through we'll just break your neck in yo village
Don't come in my city f**king up sh*t I'm only 16 and I'm f**king up sh*t
Now how many licks of my cherry pop you better tell yo n***a come lick
Chiraq where all the n***as be rapping I'm 16 and I'm trappin'
And I ain't f**king these n***as even if the n***as was strapping
How these bum hoes siddity?
That broke b*t*h counting pennies
Dont come in my city flexing on Harris
Better take yo ass back to Denny's damn!

[Interlude: BB Spook]
Yeah, BBG, n***a
This ain't no muthaf**kin' Chiraq, n***a
We got a lot of stats
And we got a lot of catch, n***a
And we catch a lot of rack, n***a

[Verse 3: BB Spook]
BBG the team
Of course I'm the f**king captain
Every time I turn around
I'm hearing sh*t about n***as chappin'
Everybody know damn well
You a f**king fraud, that n***a acting
Everybody know damn well
My brother shoots, we do the clappin'
A couple months ago (damn)
Everything was f**king cool
Now you see us, in the mix
We killing sh*t, making moves
Getting money, busting Glocks
Nothing you can f**king tell us
Hating all on Instagram
My b*t*h is like, "He f**king jealous!"
How the f**k you hate on that
And you was tryin' to get a song with 'em
Now your friend, acting like
Like like you don't even get along with 'em
You seen us in the booth with 'em
You mad just cause we cool with 'em?
Hating ass, bitter n***as
f**k is we gon' do with 'em
You mad cause we just cool with n***as?
Dawg, that's just hood sh*t
n***as watchin, n***as lookin'
Like like, like oh sh*t
That boy Spook, he f**king wild
Dawg, he don't never chill
I never been that type to bite
My f**king tongue, and I never will
n***as got a lot of beef
That they ain't never f**king handle
But they throwin' shade on us
Like god damn, it's a f**king scandal
Every beef I ever had
Just know that sh*t got f**king handled
Say my name in your f**king rap
So you know that that's a f**king gamble
n***as know that Spook deal
n***as know I keep it real
You throw shots, I throw 'em back
And I don't give a f**k if you with your girl
That's what it, comes down
That's just what it boils to
We young n***as, we shinin' hard
And I know that sh*t just boils you
Be sick when I come home
I need a Glock with a f**kin' lad
I got thirty shots in my f**king Glock
And right now, dawgs, it don't even matter
I'm getting money
f**king b*t*hes
Tell them haters leave me be
I'm throwing hoops, I'm dishing rock
My n***as call me CP3
I only rock one setting
One hood, one street
That's one hood, that's one block
That's one set, no not three
That one block that I f**king rock
That's just where my n***as be
That's one set, that's one block
That's one street, and that's BBG

[Verse 4: Tyga]
Know some Hoover n***as that's down to ride
For a homicide, when its drama time
n***as thinkin' that they MCs
Can't get touched, well its hammer time
Who the f**k is Lil Durk?
I dust you like ash and purp
Your flow wack, my flow crack
Got marble floors, your floors crack
Got rap sh*t, mice traps
These n***as broke, need ankle wraps
Don't ride around in LA, if you ain't come on the jet with the strap
My n***as 52 Orange roofs, orange coupes, Ciroc orange juice
Trel said f**k all you, my OG Chimp out soon
H rat, shout out ScHoolboy Q, still my dog
You're a real one, I owe you
Shot at them n***as when you heard the news
If your daughter ever need something, don't hesitate I got you
Posted up on sunset at the House Of Blues like it's all cool
Might get trapped in Vegas too, call Mally Mall he with Big U
I might be in Bel Air, still got n***as in the field
20 million, LK real
With Yeezus in that SLR, T Raw upper echelon
No Lil Jets just G5's
Free CB, H Rat, Lil Punch and baby Nitty
My Maybach cost 2 chickens, you ain't got one? Don't talk my language
I’m king sh*tting on yo b*t*h
Southpaw and we in the gym
Tryna be a baller? End up like Flip in "Above The Rim"
You too small like Smeagol
I’m swatting the mosquito
I’ll put you under the earth now it’s a garden on your tombstone
You sh*t stain teenagers, barely teething on hundos
I'll hold you like the slave you are, all my whips mayo
You from Illinois? I'll bring the noise
You ain't platinum? Don’t talk to me. Grammy nominated? Don't talk to me
20 Million? Don’t talk to me
It's levels to this sh*t boy, you basement? Don't talk to me
You want the fame? I'll take your name and that weak b*t*h you fall asleep with!

[Verse 5: The Game]
Ain't got no time for this rap sh*t, Blood Money, Cash Money
Ain't got no time for this rap sh*t, Cash Money, Blood Money
Ain't got no time for this rap sh*t, rap money, drug money
I'm straight n***a, straightjacket!
Yo Trel let a n***a hit him with a ratchet
Big U let a n***a get some matches
I'ma torch the building this La Familia
Pull up and spin a n***a backwards
Light it up, smoke a n***a like a Backwood
(Gotta channel DMX)
Coming through with my dogs (grrrrrr)
That chopper going through walls
This beef sh*t? That's me sh*t. Pull up bangin' that Meek sh*t
That monster truck pull up side of that Benz?
(n***as ain't saying nothin')
Choppers aimed at yo whip, n***a!
(n***as ain't saying nothin')
Cash Money, Family Hustle like Tip, n***a!
(n***as ain't saying nothin')
Come through, few Bloods, few Crips, n***a!
(n***as ain't saying nothin')
T Raw? I got you, don't trip, n***a!

First off lemme go on 40 Glocc again
Talk about my kids on Instagram?
n***a must wanna get his ass socked again!
Tell a lie like I pulled out a Glock on him
Don't make me resurrect Pac again!
You ScHoolboy like Kendrick and Top and them
Have a b*t*h n***a running to the cops again
It's all Gucci Mane, Waka Flock and them
(Green Light)
That mean go n***a, if you ever see this ho n***a, on mama n***a it's a
(Green Light)
From where my n***a died to Riverside, even your n***as know it's a
(Green Light)
Better run through the red ones, f**k around and be a dead one
(Jump in the middle of beef, cause I don't like no one)
(Step behind these bars and I don't write not one)
(n***as bumping they lips but they don't like no guns)
(Just close your eyes and that light gon' come)
I don't f**k with no new n***as, they like to sue, no woo n***a
Tyga hit me like "Durk dissing"
Dirk Nowitzki? Dirk who n***a?
Never heard of these n***as
Some of the nerve of these n***as
Don't make me put on burgundy n***a
Let the AK *gunshots* I'm serving these n***as
Yo T raw, time to murder these n***as
Black suburban these n***as
I'm taking b*t*hes, I'm taking chains, yeah I'm Young Bergin' these n***as
Ain't start making guns when they made you n***a
Ain't no Jayhawk but I'll K you n***a
And I know Hoovers, I know 60s
(I know Westside Pirus, n***as down to die too)
Move in on them 50s
(I got n***as on west and the Southside of Chi too)
Pull up in an 87 Cutlass
Throwing bullets like Jay Cutler
f**k this, what's this? n***as talking all that f**k sh*t, tough sh*t
Put a n***a on like Trukfit
I know Lil Wayne, I know Lil Reese
I know Lil Herb, I know Lil Keef
I know Lil Boosie, that n***a free like this ass whooping
Come f**k with me, I got hands, I got bands
Got damn I am what I am
.45 go blam with no jam
Bring a n***a Vietnam, let's go ham
n***as runnin' out of ham, let's go spam
n***a dip through your set like Killa Cam
I'm talkin' to the man, with no fans
This is a DM with no gram
Ridin' through the Chi, ain't ever seen Oprah
Hit a 300 with my little n***a Sosa
Brown paper bag, sippin' on a Four Loko
n***a get love, I ain't talkin' 'bout The Notebook
n***as got killers out here, west side, they feel us out here
Like Weasel and Chicago, realest out here
Old man and the capitol hill is out here
On the low end, all my BD n***as bring the dope in
BD twins locked up in the feds and my n***a Bump J, hold your head
If you getting money n***a hold your bread
Rock my Pelle P like L.E.P., them Bogus Boys? They f**k with me
I f**k with stones till I OD'
69, Seven Deuce
Marshalville I mean Murderville
Yellow G, gave me a b*t*h off of Damen Ave I use her to kill
She from the Chi, but she ain't shy
She ain't never met a n***a who can't die
I'm so Southside I'm so Northside
I'm so Westside, n***a "Ain't I?"
Got more n***as in the Chi than Jay
(Chi than Jay)
I might be more Chi Town than Ye'
(Chi Town than Ye')
I'm on the low end with my n***a Parkay
(with my n***a Parkay)
And he A GD, but it's free Bump J
4CH but I'm like Barksdale in this Shark Tale
OG like a car sale
Chopper spins, you do cartwheels
Lil Durk under a lil dirt
(And nobody knows you)
Dis ain't what they want!
(Nobody knows you)
(b*t*h I thought that was Future's song!)
(I'm bout to show you)
You done caught yourself a Little L dog
(Man nobody knows you)

[Interlude: The Game]
(Man nobody knows you)
(nobody knows you)

[Verse 6: Nicki Minaj]
Ain't yellin' cut, when it's shootin' time
Sign up, it's recruitin' time
Big wigs, with a suit and tie
And them big things got two inside
f**k wrong wit' these ho n***as?
Don't do coke, I don't blow n***as
I don't tell n***as, I show n***as
And it's never less than like 4 n***as
(Four-four) 4 wings and some french fries
Hot sauce and ketchup n***a
He telling and he hiding
But real n***as still catch a n***a
Cop Raris? I don't test drive 'em
Home theaters, can't Best Buy 'em
These n***as that I roll with
Don't let a single thing get by 'em
King pins and them drug lords
Chi-Town, no gun laws
Broke b*t*hes that talk sh*t?
Now them the b*t*hes I stunt for
Malcolm X daughter, came at me
Lookin' ass n***as ain't happy
Rolled out with some Latin Kings
And some eses in 'em plain khakis
Smack b*t*hes, no smack cam
Closed fists, no back hands
Pop pu**y on a hand stand
They suckin' d**k like it's band camp
Call Webb and then call Nitty
Queens n***as in, it's all hoodies
Kidnappin' and then rob n***as
Call D-Roc for a biggie
pu**y ass little rap n***as
I f**ked with real trap n***as
Pop star, icon
But I send n***as, come snatch n***as
I'm with EBK, you on EBT
Got a black nine, call it BET
School n***as, get a GED
And I tease n***as, make em B-E-G
Got a money fetish, I'mma fly to Venice
Got a big house, I can play some tennis
Lil Herb, what's good?
I'm a bad b*t*h and I f**k good

[Hook: Lil Herb]
Know a couple n***as that's down to ride for a homicide
When it's drama time
Run up on a n***a with the llamas flyin'
Leave his loved ones all traumatized
One-fifty, I'm really with it
I'll drop his ass and then forget it
I'm the man 'round my side of town
Might see a b*t*h and forget I hit it

[Verse 7: G Herbo]
I'm a young n***a, I be gettin' money
Take your b*t*h from you
And these n***as don't get no respect
I'mma stay 100 'til I'm 6 under
Matter fact, I gotta keep it 150
For every n***a that's gon' come with me
I'm on Roc Block with a new semi
And a blue Bentley, it do 160
Smoke a lot a of weed, like f**k kidneys
Put a dutch in me, got a 40 on me
I don't trust any, and if any n***a ever try to end me
I'mma die shooting, prayin' God forgive me
You too busy hating, you can't get no paper
Why are y'all so silly? Straight killers
I can call so many, I don't love no b*t*hes
But my mom, my sister, my gun and Nicki
I'm in Hollywood, came from Kingston Food
Shorties standing, in the streets with tools
Where I'm from we don't play no games
Ain't no April fools, you will make the news
Where I hang, we don't say no names
If you talk to cops, I stay away from you
Keep your mouth shut in them investigations
You'll be out the station, in a day or two
Dedication and a little patience
Lead to domination on my way to greatness
Don't put yourself up in a situation
Puttin' my relations, in your conversations
Shoot a opposition, with no hesitation
You get my position, then you better take it
Know some young bulls from a while back
Tryna leave the game but they never made it
I got old sh*t, killin' your sh*t
On a couple tracks I just never played it
pu**y n***a you don't want war
I got old clips b*t*h I'm Baron Davis
pu**y n***a you don't want war
I got old clips b*t*h I'm Baron Davis

[Hook: G Herbo]
Know a couple n***as that's down to ride for a homicide
When it's drama time
Run up on a n***a with the llamas flyin'
Leave his loved ones all traumatized
One-fifty, I'm really with it
I'll drop his ass and then forget it
I'm the man 'round my side of town
Might see a b*t*h and forget I hit it

[Interlude: G Herbo; Nicki Minaj; Dwayne Kyng]
Gang, gang, gang sh*t man
You already know how I'm rocking man
This is G Herbo, shout out Nicki Minaj, you already know man
SB just gave me the nine with the green beam
Just give me the green light
Letting n***as have it man
We pulling up anywhere wetting sh*t man
Got 50s in them Tecs, 50s in them Macs man
30s in them Glocks, 17 shot Berettas, all that sh*t man
Sawed offs, pumps man what you want?
How you want it, where you want
When you want it man, let's get it
And I ride dolo from state to state
Even when I ain't 150 man Chiraq all the way to Queens
Let's get it
Uh-huh, I always got a trick up my sleeve
I might give you a new trick every week
'Til this album drop, I don't know
I figured they want some more, I'ma give you some more
Ask Webb if I wasn't taking them trips, with 'em n***a!
So you thought I was playing games?
That was just a warning, but this the real thing
Let's get it
[Verse 8: Dwayne Kyng]
If them n***as is Chiraq, then Maryland Afghanistan
Get a drum or some'n, we got hella bands
We taking shots, no Instagram
Saying that was weak, but yo sh*t was lame
Thought I was joking, this ain't no game
You wearing snapbacks in yo videos
I put a cap back through yo f**king brain
Like a dragon, you will get slain
These fakes, man, it's hard to maintain
You dressed like Madea
You high off that reefer
Smoking louder than your speakers
You a pu**y, boy, I can see you twerk
Lift up them panties
I see yo f**king miniskirt
Like A$AP, I put in work
Demolish yo ass, put you in the dirt
For that sleep talk, put you in a hearse
You a copycat, don't act stupid
Show no love, I am not Cupid
Like 2Pac, I'm so ruthless
Gotten no sex in 3 months
Like yo left hand, you better get a grip
Like MC Hammer, too legit to quit
You already know I be with the sh*t
Talking 'bout my girl, why you say that
When you look like a fake-ass K Camp?
No lie, I state facts
Yo, waitress, where my drink at?
With this L, you better take that, no P Diddy
Run my town and I run my city
Headshot, that's a red dot, make you look like a Buddhist
Jaz said, "Please don't do this"
This dude just so clueless
Get chewed up with chopsticks, that's RiceGum
Joyride but it's not fun
I don't gangbang, I don't shoot guns, I drop bars
You 'bout to get [?] in jail
Droppin' mixtapes, but they all fail
Like Rogaine, we in here
Life's a b*t*h and it ain't fair
Grinding while I'm shining
Got bars like Verizon
That's everything I put my mind in
Man, listen (yo!)
f**k the competition, I'm the opposite
I'm feeling like I'm 'bout to go berserk on you n***as
No diss track but the only bars you drop is the ones that I see on Twitter, my n***a
Dwayne be the best and I already know
We got famous because of these loopholes
Keep it 100, you keep it 50-50
Talking 'bout my girl, I'll be the inner jiffy
"Headshot" is just rough sex
"Warning Shot" was just a quickie
You notice that I'm the king now
You my prince now, you my Little Jimmy
Wish a n***a would like Timmy Turner
The beat was hot, I put it in the furnace
Had to school these kids, they wasn't learning
After the headshots, and that's picture perfect

[Verse 9: Meek Mill]
You f**k around get smoked
You f**k around, you f**k around, you f**k around, get smoked, n***a
You f**k around get smoked
n***as know the rules in my hood
If you touch me, you get murked
We ain't with that back and forth, it ain't no rap, we hittin' first
G-5, we be at LIV by Sunday when you in the Church
Momma stressing, selling dinner platers, tryna get your casket, And get ya hearse
Last n***a that slid on us, got dropped on it, he told on us
Every n***a you see with me got ice on 'em, bank rolls on us
Naw, n***a no 1 on 1's we don't fight fair, we just roll on 'em
V-S stones and cuban links, all that ice wear, with that gold on 'em
We ain't swinging no flag, n***a
We ain't need no pass, n***a
Glock 40 with a 30 clip and laser on it, play tag with us
Everybody wanna talk bricks, 'till them feds
Swoop in and grab n***as
Dream chasers got into something
We don't ever blink, cause we trash n***as
I don't know if y'all heard about
What my homie do with that 30 out
Deen Buck still in the cut and state fittin' to let Ernie out
I ain't even gotta say nothin'
'Bout that other homie, that you heard about
Cause, if he heard about, that you run your mouth
He come to your house and start swervin' out
Catch me N-Y-C, out Shadyville, I'm in the tank
Only time its Manhattan, when I'm in the booth, or I'm in the bank
Summertime in La Marina, with Dominicans, going in the paint
Pullin' up, screamin' "Eh, Dimelo'?"
Catch you in Brooklyn, get pita-rolled, pu**y
You f**k around get smoked
You f**k around, you f**k around, you f**k around, get smoked, n***a
You f**k around get smoked
You f**k around, you f**k around, you f**k around, get smoked

[Verse 10: Lil Durk]
(Yeah, Meek what up? Bang
Oh, man in Chiraq)
n***as say me and Sosa beefin' but we both eatin', but only one keepin'
Told Law he take 15 years, every crime we did we gon Keep It Secret
Can't tweet Teyana corporate n***a lookin, so what I’m on I gotta keep it secret
That face no Stevie no Mimi, I promise Teyana that I won't leak it
Gripped the 30 just cashed out, if you caught stripping, then you assed out
I'm the same n***a that my city asked about while you in the cut steady buying clout
f**k the judge, let 9 out, hairpin trigger, let 9 out
Four birds in the trap like
4 wings at Harold’s with fries covered in mild sauce
Everytime a n***a rap beef, get clapped up in a couple weeks
IG comments and a couple tweets, location on we can go and meet
Headshot, I'm outta town, I'm in Killadelphia with my n***a Meek
Pop a wheelie in N-Y-C I got the 30 on with my n***a, Flee
Heard Tyga sneak dissing on me, tell them thot b*t*hes I'm not right
Tyga only got one name but that n***a ain't got one stripe
He backpack, so easy to get the n***a sh*t snatched
Ask Mally Mall to get his sh*t back
In Chiraq, don't come here
You ain't from here? Don't come here
Cause shorty snipin', bag on him if he don't like this
No Young Chop, that .40 bangs, just like him
30 punch like Tyson
Back to the rap flow, hot sh*t
f**k I gotta rap for, got bricks
Every city I go, got sticks
Pockets Wells Fargo, no bricks
Say I'm on top now, no sh*t
You can never say I, wife sh*t
I don't even like sh*t
I just pipe sh*t
One night sh*t
LA with killas and thuggers
New York SlowBucks them my brothers
A-T-L with Migos and Young Thugger
We gonna shoot sh*t up in public
And they gotta urge to take
Chiraq, look at the murder rate
500 dead bodies, better go and get money 'fore you be on first 48

[Verse 11: Shy Glizzy]
You wear red bottoms and Phillip Lim
Everybody trynna get a hold of him
Bad b*t*hes, they be in Benz
I knock ‘em down like bowling pins
Feds snatch me, I don’t know them
Real n***a, on 4nem
Young Jefe, the new Soulja Slim
Hangin’ out the tank with Slow and them
Come take a trip to D.C
Hear a lot of Me and see GG
I’m the big dog
I’m ringing off
Like Mambo Sauce on a 3 Piece
“Glizzy, Why you ain’t D.C.?"
"Who said I ain’t D.C.?"
f**k ya b*t*h to my CD
She lemme record her like Mimi
A n***a playin', it’s lights out
Oo, Shine got me iced out
Stay low, cause the mice out
You only get fly when the Mikes out
Wait till it get nice out
Tell Chino bring the bikes out
Got 50 guns in my trap house
You better off f**king with the White House
I’m the realest youngin' in the f**king world
I got plenty money, I got plenty girls
Got the Villa for the week, got fifteen freaks
And they all wanna go for a f**king swirl
Had her come to us with the marble pearls
Glock 23, treat her like my girl
357, that b*t*h just twirl
Make him catch our sh*t like Fitzgerald

[Interlude: Meek Mill]
You f**k around get smoked
You f**k around, you f**k around, you f**k around, get smoked, n***a
You f**k around get smoked
You f**k around, you f**k around, you f**k around, get smoked

[Verse 12: Montana of 300]
Any n***a that ever looked at me wrong, (ha!) hey man, go that way B
Hey, man, I'm done holdin' back on you n***as, man, straight up, man
Y'all n***as better to go watch Montana 300 1 through 14 or something man, this 15
I been ballin
Could've skipped college
I'm a bad boy with that big popper
12 gauge when I head shot him
Bust his head open like a pinata
Like Percy Miller I've been bout it
Come find your ass like Bin Laden
I kill a clown over my guala
Don't give a f**k if it was 10 dollars
Don't trust n***as don't trust b*t*hes
I know these ho's like a pimp scholar
And it's MOB till the day I drop
And these stupid thots don't get nada
And these d**k riders try to steal from me
Gon feel the heat when that lead pop em
I whack a b*t*h and then walk away with blood on my shoes that's red bottoms
Bought a new gun with two clips
I can't wait to use it
And that b*t*h stick to my hip like I glued it
I hope you do trip as soon as you do it
I'll pull that b*t*h out K-9 unit
And kiss your ass goodnight, like, (bang bang) that's smooches
No top that's clueless
I'm ruthless, I do this
I'm ballin these ho's, yeah, they all on my pool stick
And you mad at your main b*t*h cause that b*t*h bumpin my new sh*t
Yeah the game foul and the ref dirty
Keep the green on me like a jets jersey
Tell a opposition I ain't never worried
Keep the 30 on me like I'm Stephen Curry
I can see you pu**y like a miniskirt
Keep talkin you gon get it first
And the toughest with you gon' get it worst
Now go order up about 20 shirts
RIP with they face on it, had to show they ass how that semi work
Yeah they got smoked April 21st
The next time you see 'em gon' be in a hearse
Always sayin somethin' but ain't sprayin nothin'
When it's beef I don't wait for nothin'
If I see a opp broad day in public
Then I'm shootin sh*t like Azae Production
Got word they be out there every night
I'm talking deeper than Barry White
We gon' ride past with that iron blast
And start flipping n***as like Jessie White
They catching bullets, he Randy Moss, he Terrell Owens, he Jerry Rice
And I'm f**king monster in a pair of Mike's and this 40 on me looks very nice
I roll up like a blunt, I don't lurk b*t*h I hunt
Hoodie on like a monk, I'm Boyz-N-Tha-Hood with that pump
This b*t*h got kicked like a punt it usually sit in my trunk
But for today it's riding shotgun since n***as like to front
And if this n***a run and this n***a done, I'ma soak a n***a like he in the tub
These rappers acting like Ice Cube now tell Doughboy to come pick him up
f**k n***as I never like 'em, got no problem with killin' one
I do real hits and don't brag about it, just rap about it, I don't give a f**k
I remember way back when we was broke, we was crying, momma high as hell
To us she was a loving mother but to other motherf**kers she was clientele
And I remember begging her to stop and every single night when I told her that
I'ma get big and buy a bunch of guns
And kill every n***a that done sold her crack
It's almost 20 years later, now she finally sober
But that was the sh*t that I prayed about
I thank God I made it out
Damn it feels good to go pick up my momma and take her out
Lil Tony got paper now all in my bank account, and it ain't sh*t to debate about
If you cross me like Jesus, I'll come back with heaters
Be outside your crib like we stakin' out
It's really f**ked up in my city I'm sorry but I'm bout to add to the body count
I'll Rocky Part 4'em I'm rushin', show all you n***as exactly what I be 'bout
My choppas, they sh*t on them b*t*hes, when spittin, I think they might got a potty mouth
I might come baseline like Kobe Bryant, did way back in '03 and then body yall
Keep runnin' your mouth I'ma run in your house
Paramedics they gonna' bring bodies out
I'm sonnin you n***as like J. Rock and word on the streets is that they done let Bobby out
Be strapped at the mall, strapped at the studio, you better be strapped at your momma house
When Montana hoppin' out, hollow tips poppin' out
I caught his ass takin' the garbage out
Moment of silence, text messages sent around my city, the moment they find it out
Black on black everything
We own black everything
That's the motto when we ridin' out
The ratchets stay on me, just know I was all me, whenever if ever you saw me out
Been playin' with iron, since the age of nine
Shoutout to my daddy he taught me how
My dad was a killer, my mom was an addict, a n***a grew up in a slaughterhouse
I am the one that they talk about
I am so cold that you might have to Thaw me out
That money be callin', I won't stop ballin', now I am up next like Jabari now
See n***as was sleepin' on me, but I just woke them up and they sayin' they sorry now?
I'm a dough stacking
Dope rapping, no lacking
Po' packing, Four blasting
Soul snatching, toe tagging, cold b*st*rd
Better close your mouth or get a closed casket
Show you what I'm saying like closed captions
Put them in two, make them disappear, when I spit fire, that's old magic
I'll put the chopper to a n***a top, and then let it fly, Go-Go Gadget
Might f**k his b*t*h or say f**k this sh*t, and get straight face, that's no passion
I'm the illest n***a that you ever heard
I'm the flyest killer that you ever seen
If a f**k n***a ever jump stupid, I'ma catch a body like a trampoline
b*t*h I'm Freddy Kruger in a hockey mask
About to kick door like karate class
Ask a n***a where he hide his stash
He better tell the truth like a polygraph
One false move and that shotty blast
Leave a n***a stiff like a body cast
And we don't know nothing about nothing n***a, we was out of town If somebody ask
Real sh*t, I'm a father first, my son's need me, I ain't bailing on them
Be with real n***as, doing real sh*t
If I get caught, I ain't telling on them
No tool, I ain't never going
Iron Man with that metal on him
Only God knows where the hell I'm going
Make a n***a wish he was never born
These n***as broke, put a brace on 'em
I'm super fly, put a cape on them
I'm upstairs up in Adrianna's throwing cake on them while they hate on them
From Chiraq, not Miami, but I'm wearing heat like I play for them
I'll come at night and put the nine on them
With the long clip, DeAndre Jordan, (DeAndre Jordan, DeAndre Jordan)
I'll come at night and put the nine to them
With the long clip, DeAndre Jordan

[Verse 13: Rell]
I was kicked out with my sh*t out
But I been out with my pen out
The paper here when I dish out
I got a thick snout when that fish out
I want the money, cars, got the hoes
But that skrilla all on my search route
No growth spurts but my money sprout
Got a bad b*t*h with a fat ass
When she twerk out that's a workout
But the first scout, I done passed out
With her ass out and my cash out
She opened up and I splashed out
I done broke the [?], bring a cask' out
I'm the best in it and the last out
I'm the last out and the best in it
Y'all hiding n***as bring the mask out
Y'all garbage n***as keep the trash out
If you talkin' sh*t you better watch your mouth
Cause your snot box will get busted out
I don't talk 'bout it, I walk it out
I'm 19 and my stance strong
My money green and my pen lean
I'm a damn fiend for this damn green
Hit the damn scene with the fam, homies, and the damn team
I been here and I been there
Her pu**y wet, no swimwear
But I'm in there with my army gear
Can't trust hoes, don't trust n***as
Just trust yourself and your f**king figures
I did this and I did that
Her pu**y fat, I did that and I did this
And I'm all about my business
And there ain't no competition, I'm vicious
In the booth I put a n***a on the hit list
Dear god can I get a witness?
I slayed that and I slaughtered this
Cause I'm a motherf**king menace n***a
I'm 19, when that light green
She might scream for that pipe me
These light bars for that ripe cheese
Homies got bars for that hype fees
I got loud, come holler at me
Etcetera, some OG
A quick talk for that QP
And I'm out the sky with a blue dream
Brooklyn where I reside at
Money all in that sty rack
A couple n***as that's OT
If you can't handle, they'll fly back
Studio, and I'm on beats
No time for me to get sidetracked
In the booth steady going skytzo
I'm working hits with my mind strap
Can't stop me then f**k with me
Or follow up, get in line scrap
f**k you and who you f**k with
This money here, this paper fat
Gotta grind so I'm a go-getter
n***as fake and I'm so realer
Beat war and I'm a gorilla
MJ and I'm so Thriller
Can't f**k with me, I'm that n***a
You typing scared, n***a that figures
I can take your thot, I bring back figures
Flipping musically with a couple hitters
That's [immune?] to get it with a crip triggers
Gotta hit a n***a, backflip a n***a
Pistol whip a b*t*h and ziplock a n***a
Go kill a n***a when he feeling froggish
Throw me a beat and I'm getting on it
And I'm getting on it and I'm sh*tting on it
A bad b*t*h in my radar, I'm murking it, then I'm dipping on it
In the booth spitting and I'm killing on it
And I'm living on it
Pay attention b*t*h cause my d**k enormous
And they looking gorgeous and they getting on it
And they only want me cause a n***a ballin'

[Verse 14: La Montana]
It's RedLyfe, man it's RedLyfe
Man it's RedLyfe, ain't no joke
Rollin' with so many blue 30's n***a would've thought I was loc
Call my [?] up, said I'm heavy up, man a n***a need that coke
'Cause my boaty n***as wade, and my Russians need that dope
Stay with that four-five for n***as thinking I'm [?]
Yeah kiate la boca 'fore I hit 'em when I drove by
[?] any n***a approach La, you know why 'cause they no lie
If you know La, I don't lie
If I say so you gon' die
I'm the sh*t, more n***as than a [?]
Done pimped more b*t*hes than Don Juan
I'm pimping right now while the song's on
My b*t*hes don't play, them 30's on
My n***as don't play, our arm is long
Feeling like Jordan n***a, this our song
23 hour shifts all night long
Y'all regular n***as act like shones
That 40 cal gon' take him away
Like a landlord I put him in place
n***a dead from a pole off the waist
Seperate his head from the front of his face
Take his legs, turn them under his waist
b*t*h ass feds tryna build a case
Lookin' ass n***as, I'll give 'em DNA
I f**k your wife and I nut in your face

[Verse 15: Timmy D]
Everybody who I'm with
Strapped down with AR's and mack
First n***a get outta line
Get mopped up with this thirty clip
n***as talkin' this world sh*t
When I see n***as we sayin' sh*t
We the same n***as, no f**k boys
Smoke a lotta good, we makin' noise
BBG n***a, we the winning team
n***a and I touched a lotta green
And I f**ked a lotta hoes
You n***as don't do it how we do it
36 oh, that's a brick n***a
And the claims are coming like Wal-Mart
Yo, Spook and me writing from the start
We don't care what's happnin' just know we clappin
When the tappin' is with the action
All my n***as they shoot us, n***a
All my n***as we move, n***a
f**k around with y'all ho n***as
[inaudible] in your trees, n***a
Surfed up, we ain't done
Perked up and I'm racked up
Summertime, we gon' strap up

[Verse 16: Muga Meech]
Back block, we don't f**k around (we don't)
Free baby 'fore the touch down
Backed in, b*t*h would let me f**k
Got me all up in them guts now
Imma f**k a b*t*h, where them licks at
Dawg gotta stick, we gon' hit that
And we bringin' around pounds like a Kit-Kat
Probably be there 'fore we get back
I bomb sh*t, no TNT
We checking sh*t, say CNP
What's on my grind, that's all the time
Got a Meech on the sides that's satisfied
b*t*h all you got was Dennis Rod
Them days in the [inaudible]
All them shootoffs we done survive
Flow [inaudible]
Damn my n***as, they down to ride
Come at me, that's a homicide
Come a n***a bullet he fishin' for the ride
Got money, power, enemy 'spect
[inaudible], when I roll the dice
Me and Quaddy Goon tryna talk about life
When I be on the lean, he checks with a Sprite

[Verse 17: Quaddy Goon]
Man, y'all never get me on sh*t like I can't rap
Hey, yo, cut the f**king beat back on before Spook get back
Qu-Qu-Quaddy Goon's up in the mix
I'm bustin tracks, I'm getting licks
Any problem I'm coming over
They coming through, they drilling sh*t
Text your b*t*h, she coming through
She coming through, she sucking d**k
Suck my d**k so good, I'm like
"God damn, you dirty b*t*h
You dirty b*t*h, you dirty b*t*h"
Ho you never even heard this
Young n***a, spitting bars
And I hop on tracks, I be hurting sh*t
Ho you don't even know me
Ho you don't even know Spook
Ride around in that Challenger
Turn up in that coupe
Getting money, f**king b*t*hes
That's just what we do
You already know the team
BBG my crew!

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