FAKE! lyrics

Woahh Vicky

[Verse 1: Aqsa]
You just a hoe and you know it too
Pull up to the party, you know what to do
Everybody hit it like a Backwood (Thotty)
Slobbing on that knob, b*t*h, you love that wood
I don't make promises, got me a blunt, it's bout fat as your momma is (Fat)
I don't make promises, I check my comments and I saw Obama b*t*h
I wanna smoke with Michelle (Ah), got me a rillo from Shell (Ah)
d**k small as hell (Ew), is it in? I can't tell
You b*t*hes dusty as hell, your pu**y looks like braille
How are you the plug? You move your sh*t, like a snail
Ran off on the plug, in Decatur, oh well
Thought you were a hypebeast, but your sh*t is fake as hell (Hell)

[Chorus: Aqsa & Xeno Carr]
Fake! (Ayy)
Fake! (Ooh)
Fake! (Ooh)
Fake! (Fake! Fake!)
Fake! Fake! Fake!

[Verse 2: Xeno Carr]
Uh, yeah, uh, fake, huh, I do not know what to say
I can not turn my back because I'm straight
I can not turn my back because they're fake
If I turn my back, you would see a knife
Karma comes around, you gon' pay the price
Who's right? Who's wrong? Who's left? Who's right?
Who says who's right? Oh, food for thought, yeah
Eat it up, yeah, like a snack, yeah, eat it up, yeah
Now you're full, full of sh*t, full of sh*t
I know you're constipated, I know it's 'cause you hate it
Twitter fingers, fun right? 'Cause you're dumb, right?
Yeah, on sight, yeah, it's on sight, 'cause you're

[Chorus: Aqsa, Xeno Carr & Both]
Fake! (Yeah)
Fake! (Ayy)
Fake! (Ooh)
Fake! (Ooh)
Fake! (Fake! Fake!)
Fake! Fake! Fake!

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