Suge (Megamix) lyrics

Woahh Vicky

Pooh, you a fool for this one
Oh Lord, Jetson made another one

[Chorus: DaBaby]
Pack in the mail, it's gone (Uh)
She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah)
I just signed a deal, I'm on
Yeah, yeah
I go where I want, I'm good (Good)
Play if you want, let's do it (Ha)
I'm a young CEO, Suge (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: DaBaby]
The first n***a play, I'ma body a n***a (Ha)
I just checked my balance
I'll probably pull up to your hood
And come buy me a n***a (No cap)
You know that your ho told you that n***a crazy
Don't think that she lied to you, n***a (b*t*h)
Get caught with your ho when I'm poppin' 'em both
Now they high just like Bobby and Whitney (Haa)
Say I'm the goat, act like I don't know
But f**k it, I'm obviously winnin'
Don't make me go hit the bank and take out a hundred
To show you our pockets are different (Ha)
I'm out with your b*t*h and I only want knowledge
She got a lil' mileage, I'm chillin' (Uh)
You disrespect me and I'll beat your ass up
All in front of your partners and children (Ahh, ahh)
I'm the type to let a n***a think that I'm broke
Until I pop out with a million (I pop)
Take 20K and put that on your head
And make one of your partners come kill you (Yeah)
Say he f**kin' with me then he gotta grow up
'Cause this n***a gotta be kiddin' (Kiddin')
This sh*t, it can't fit in my pocket
I got it, like I hit the lottery, n***a (Hot, hot, hot)
Opp, I'll slap the sh*t out a n***a
No talkin', I don't like to argue with n***as (I don't)
Ain't gon' be no more laughin'
You see me whip out guns, I'm gon' be done shot me a n***a (No cap)
I don't follow no b*t*hes on IG
But all of your b*t*hes, they follow a n***a (Ha)
And that lil' n***a ain't gon' shoot sh*t with that gun
He just pull it out in his pictures (b*t*h, uh)

[Chorus: DaBaby]
Pack in the mail, it's gone (Uh)
She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah)
I just signed a deal, I'm on
Yeah, yeah
I go where I want, I'm good (Good)
Play if you want, let's do it (Ha)
I'm a young CEO, Suge (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah
Pack in the mail, it's gone (Uh)
She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah)
I just signed a deal, I'm on
Yeah, yeah
I go where I want
I'm good (Good)
Play if you want, let's do it (Ha)
I'm a young CEO, Suge (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 2: Nicki Minaj]
Drug lord, Griselda, I used to move weight through Delta
So stay in your place 'cause I don't wanna put you in a shelter
I'm cookin' up in the kitchen, you could be my little helper
Go to the table and ask 'em do they want the flat or the seltzer?
I go where I want I'm good, my n***as'll get them goods
So come off the chain and come off the watch, you gotta respect the jux
Queen sleazy era and they never see me ever
'Cause I send my shooters and they introduce us as soon as I pull the lever (Brr)
I say "Choke me," he do it every time that we do it
n***a packin' like Hewlett, I told him, "Damn, n***a, you lit"
On that D goin' stupid, got my ass-shots from Cupid
You could just ask Ken, he be like: "Hadouken!" (Rrrh)

[Chorus: DaBaby]
Pack in the mail, it's gone (Uh)
She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah)
I just signed a deal, I'm on
Yeah, yeah
I go where I want, I'm good (Good)
Play if you want, let's do it (Ha)
I'm a young CEO, Suge (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 3: Joyner Lucas]
Yeah, ain't no one colder than me (Yeah)
I'm straight from the mud, I got me a plug
And now I be rollin' with Meech (Woah, woah)
You think you the sh*t? I think you a b*t*h
Now go 'head and call the police (b*t*h)
These n***as'll trip, your homie's a snitch
He'll probably be home in a week (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I hit up Tory and told him, "I know you don't like me but f**k it I'm over the beef" (Word)
Told 'em we could be friends, invited him over and gave him some soda and bleach (Haha)
They said, "Joyner you lost it"
I told them they soft
Now go take a stroll on the beach (Yeah)
n***a, I get the sauce, b*t*h, I'm a dog
Just don't get a hold of my leash (Ruff)
Y'all n***as back to the bluffin' (Blah)
Joyner get back to the bustin' (Blah)
If I do not make a few million this year then I might just go back to the hustlin'
I got me some product and I ain't gon' hide it
I might just start trappin' in public
I might go to prison and free all my n***as
That's word to Harriet Tubman
Tired of you askin' me questions, I'm sick of it (Buh, buh)
"Why you keep shuttin' sh*t down on the internet? (Grra)
Why do you have so much talent and benefits?
Why you keep droppin' your album in increments?"
A.D.H.D. is a social experiment
Who pay attention the most when they hearin' it?
You cannot stop it, there's no interferin' it
This is my moment and no one is sharin' it
n***a, I'm just gettin' started, I hit all my targets
I promise I'm very defiant (Yeah)
If I do not win the Grammy this year then I'll blow that b*t*h up and then everyone dyin' (Yeah)
I think all my sh*t is hot, if everyone think that it's not then everyone lyin'
I hope my sh*t doesn't flop, 'cause I'll put a gun to your head and make everyone buy it
I'm diggin' the hole you get buried inside (Woo), all you get buried in silence
The day that I die I get buried in diamonds
I'm killin' you n***as, you barely survivin' (Brrt, brrt, brrt, brrt)
I think I'm so high, I could marry a pilot
I'm Area 51 alien, I let my UFO fly in, it's scary and violent
I shut down the planet, you hearin' the sirens (Buh, buh)
I'm very excited and you shouldn't bother (Woo)
Joyner got too many problems (Word)
I told that little b*t*h that I'm down with a threesome as long as it's you and your mama (Yeah)
I ain't got no patience, I love to get dirty
But f**k it I'm cool with the drama (Cool)
When n***as be hatin', I tell them, "No worries my n***a, Hakuna Matata"
I don't wear Prada, just bring me a white tee (Buh)
I bust some Margiela's, I still wear the Nikes (Grra, grra)
I roll with some hitters, I know you don't like me
I sh*t on you n***as, now bring me some wipeys (Grra, grra)
You think I'm a killer? Well maybe I might be
I ain't got no feelings I dare you to fight me (Buh)
I'll swing with a left but I'm really a righty
Get pu**y and money, it barely excites me
I'm ready, don't try me, so bow
f**k all you pricks
You cannot harm me, I think you a b*t*h
You think I'm corny? I think I'm the sh*t
When she get horny, she think of my d**k
When I was broke, I would think like I'm rich
'Til I f**ked up my credit and hit me a lick (Woo, woo, woo)
Then I got me some money to get me a crib
And then blew it on b*t*hes from Plenty of Fish (f**k was I thinkin'?)
I'm goin' back to the streets (Yeah)
If Freddy and Jason had babies, my n***a I promise then that would be me (Word)
n***as all in my honey and actin' all funny, I think I'm attracted to bees
They told me that I changed, I looked in the mirror like what the f**k happened to me?
Ever since I done came up, these n***as been so in their feelings
They countin' my pockets I know that it's killin' 'em
Don't tell me you proud when you know that you jealous
The money keep pilin' I know that you smell it
You think you entitled? Well suck on a d**k and I hope that you swallow
And that's how I'm feelin', put that on the Bible
Don't call me your family, you know you're my rival I do what I gotta
Now turn the f**kin' TV up, I'm in the media
And ain't nobody wanna see me up, a n***a heating up
I'm like a sickle cell anemia, I really mean it
But I'm 'bout to slow a n***a breathin' up, I think he's seen enough (Buh, buh, buh)
I go to hell, I f**k a demon up, I think I'm mean enough
To beat a n***a with Adidas 'til I f**k the sneakers up (Yeah)
I'll sucker-punch you when I'm sneakin' up
You couldn't see me but I had to hit 'em like a meteor (Boom, boom, boom)
And make 'em giddy up, to get the trunk
And I went from nothing to somethin'
I fell in love with the guns and I got a hundred and one (Brrratat)
And like every day that I'm bustin' I'm putting one in your stomach
I got 'em jumping and running, you better cover and duck (Brrratat)
And I'm not the one to be f**ked with
I'm not the one that you think you could do whatever you want to (Brrratat)
There's gonna be repercussions
The enemies know what's up and I'm up at three in the mornin'
When you be sleepin' and yawnin', you know the evil be callin' (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Somebody better call the ambulance or the E-M-T (Yeah)
n***a, I'm the bomb like T-N-T
Bet I roll up on a n***a with a G-M-C (Brrat, brrat, brrat, brrat)
Get to clappin' on 'em, end of it, the E-N-D
Call the plug, tell him that I want at least ten keys
Now I'm back in business, E-P-M-D (Woo)
Couldn't walk in my shoes with a street stampede
Can't walk this way, I Run D-M-C (Yeah, yeah)

[Verse 4: Tory Lanez]
Pack in the mail, I sit it down and it's crackin' the scale
Had to switch position from the kitchen, n***a, I was flippin' like a spatula there
Pretty Ricky with them b*t*hes, when I'm hittin' long as a dread on spectacular hair
Here sh*t, light sh*t, white whip, open up it look like a packet of mayo
I'm back in Rodeo, f**kin' up the check and chuckin' up the set
And I'm back off the layover, pay-over way over n***as
No slumber but a n***a stay over, n***a
Your b*t*h is with me 'til the day-day, AK loaded up the same way
Chain swang, white person screamin' out, "Gang gang!"
Slide or kick, Jet Li or Liu K-K-Kang (Wah!)
I got a Little B, he call me based God like brring, ding, ding
Got a main dame, Audemar, and that's my main thang
Got a Rollie watch, her name Jane but she plain plain, so we call her plain Jane
Over her, I let it bang-bang like the fingers twistin' on a gang member sittin' in the chain gang
n***a, please, I got old n***a cheese, y'all got hoe n***a knees
Can't let a faux n***a roll up, put a hole in your sh*t then let the ho n***a leave, man
Y'all n***as know a n***a T-O-R-Y, all my n***as got paws and they're always for the free
"O" for the fee, if a n***a throw a couple Gs, get a little n***a smoked for the free, man
1-5-0, first show, n***a, that's how I go, I was chosen with those melodies
n***as hatin', I've been goin' up with those enemies
And the snakes keep blowin' it with those in the breeze
I'm up to no good, my boy's in the hood
With no young Jeezy, and no Jody Breezy, could blow 40 Gs
Still come back, who the f**k lookin' like the Ol' Dirty B from the Wu-Tang, n***a?
I could say nothin' on a motherf**kin' track, still go back plat' like Pootie Tang, n***a
Do your thing, n***a, hoppin' in the Mulsanne
Hotter than a blue flame lit up in the full tank, n***a
Man n***as better hide, n***as what, n***as what?
n***a, n***as at the bottom of the food chain, n***a
n***a so lame, can't crew hang, n***a, can't crew bang with ya, can't move a thang with ya'
See a little bad b*t*h walkin' down the block, but she lookin' at me 'cause your crew can't get her
I'm a dominator, moderator
Pass your chick like hot potato
Police non-cooperator
I won't tolerate a b*t*h that's talkin' crazy, not me, lil' n***a
I be on the beach with the sea, lil' n***a
I been triplin' up the doubles and threes, lil' n***a
Livin' it up with the women up in Vis, lil' n***a
Give it up all my n***as is tuckin', I hope a n***a's duckin'
I been drippin' and drippin' like a n***a's tippin' the bucket
I been whippin' these b*t*hes and stickin' out my d**k in public
They be lickin' a n***a to get to familiar f**kin'
I be f**kin' these women in ten-percent'd tinted windows
And I'm yellin' and tellin' I gotta get it, get to steppin'
I'm reppin' Umbrella forever, my n***as in abundance
I'm fly as propellers, you jealous
And if a n***a comin', I'm eatin' these n***as like ketchup and relish on a bun
I got the money to fund the wonders of what I wanted
And when I want it, I wanna feel like you can't front on it
I got your ex-chick and your next chick on a pole in my livin' room floor tryin' to dance all on it
As long as I can put my hands all on her, she said: "Handstand, a handstand'' and landed on it
I said damn, had to put it in her head, I ain't droppin' no bread
This is not that Gretel and the Hansel story
Got a Coupe full of hoes and the hose in the Coupe
To the Lamborghini doors to the floors and the roof
When I'm goin' in the booth, I'm exposin' the globe to the truth
They be knowin', I be showin' up with proof
Any faux n***a, any ho n***a, any low Joe Schmoe n***a better know
When I unload Get Low, Get Low, Get Low like Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz, n***a
And my lil' b*t*h type thick, uh
Neck is freezy as a ice-pick, uh
Out of sect just like a high kick, uh
n***as gonna copy my style like a right click
All of my dogs'll kill you like Mike Vick
Light that pistol, put that boy in a Heimlich
I was handin' them Ls to Joyner and Don for comin' out actin' too lightskin
n***a, I'm back in the Bentley, applyin' the pressure
Spittin' bunch of flyin' and firin' embers
So f**kin' hot, you'd think I died in the desert
Came back to f**k up your entire endeavor
You tryin' me? Never; your squad will get shot if ya try and be clever
My diamonds forever, designin' and linin' a bed up
Then give 'em a choice: which one you want die with, the .9 or Beretta?
I'm sorry for being intolerant, I got this violent temper
I like when I'm cold, I shoot a n***a, make him die in December
You been a b*t*h, as long as I can remember
You sayin' that you're gang, them n***as keep talkin'
I promise I'll silence your members then quiet your temple
While firing bullets that fly at your mental and pry at your denim
I'll hire somebody to fire the jet up then get up and send a shooter that'll fly if you rattle
I promise I'm high on momentum
Might think it's a setup, but find me a n***a
Might line that n***a for the paper
Let the hitter get to foldin', origami the n***a
The Louie luggage bustin' down on ya n***a
But true we thuggin', no insomnia, n***a
I'm really a top 3...

[Bridge: Tory Lanez]
Man, hold on, I'm just rappin' too much, man, f**k this sh*t

[Chorus: DaBaby]
Pack in the mail, it's gone (Uh)
She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah)
I just signed a deal, I'm on
Yeah, yeah
I go where I want, I'm good (Good)
Play if you want, let's do it (Ha)
I'm a young CEO, Suge (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 5: Bow Wow]
f**k is this sh*t?
We ain't the same stop making comparisons
You know my money be different (facts)
Your b*t*h look at me
She all on my d**k
I'mma take her back
Probably gone hit it
(I'mma f**k)
I slip on the rubber she know that we f**kin'
But baby I don't let no kissing
The weed came from Cali
You know what I'm smokin'
My n***a
And nope it ain't midget (damn)
I made me a mill in a week (facts)
But see to me that's just chump change
Ya'U n***as ain't ballin for real
Cause all ya'll do it just pump fake
In the back of the Bentley that Mulsanne
I tokyo drift in your lo-mein
It's that new deal on that balmain
And this is the culture, that ball game
I'm talking sh*t to the players
While Kevin Durant, he just hit 'em for 30
After the game, he ran up on me
And he gave me a dab and his jersey
Ain't trustin' no ho
You know how it go
See all they want is the clout
And nope I ain't pillow talkin' to these hoes
'Cause they run they mouth
I drop the top of the Porsche
Paddle shift put into sport
Ex b*t*h got me in court
It's pending so
Bow keep it short
I'm all on the news
With scars on my face
And my mug shot they
Made it a meme
And because I'm young
And I'm rich and I'm black
And I'm famous they blame
It on me (sh*t)
I'm trynna beat the case
So fighting and sh*t to this day (true)
I got on my knees and I pray
Wishin' this b*t*h go away
I'm back in these streets
I'm single again
Everyday I throw
A party
You know what I drink
I'm on that Ciroc
My n***a I don't do Bacardi
Man they complain in my building
About me they sayin'
I'm bein' too loud
But f**k 'em
Man I'm just young
And I'm wild
And I ain't turnin' sh*t down
Been doing this sh*t for a while
Ever since I was a child
It's like I birth all ya'll n***as
Ya'll ran away with my style (They did)
Ya I'll let you borrow my sh*t
But see now I want it back
Ya'll n***as play with these hoes
See we just play with the racks
Ya I'm ahead of ya'll n***as
Ain't no way man they gon' catch me (never)
These rappers be lyin' in raps
I'mma start callin' em Jessie
My neck and my wrist yeah it's frozen
No this ain't luck I was chosen
Aye gimme a minute
I'm countin' these hunnids up
Money stacks big
I can't fold it
Y'all know what the f**k goin' on man
Yo Bow, we takin' everybody sh*t
We runnin' it up on these n***as
We re on level 10 out here
Let these n***as know what's going on
We talkin' that fly sh*t
We talkin' that good money sh*t
We got them b*t*hes too
What the f**k they gon' do with us
Let's go Bow
Back to business

[Chorus: DaBaby]
Pack in the mail, it's gone (Uh)
She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah)
I just signed a deal, I'm on
Yeah, yeah
I go where I want, I'm good (Good)
Play if you want, let's do it (Ha)
I'm a young CEO, Suge (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 6: Jeezy]
Play for the foe, juug
Checkin' a bag, it's good
d**kies and diamonds, I'm hood
Stackin' the chopper, it's wood
Cancel that hoe, like I'm Nino
I had enough of that b*t*h
[?], I had enough of this sh*t
Thug motivation on Pelle, I got Barack on the celly
I want Jameika from Belly, I think a choppa my celly
Rappers notorious, BIG
Saving the grind, you dig?
Somebody give me a shovel, I'm 'bout to go chill with the Devil
I got a fetish for 'cane, you got a silverish chain
Children be playing them games, my 'rillas are doing this thing
They put the trap in the raps, I put put the trap on the map
Told 'em to cook up dope, you n***as just learning the ropes
Gangsta like Snoop in his prime, coupe do the Optimus Prime
Bald head galore, I'm rockin' that 2Pac Shakur
I live the life of a thug, nothing but choppers and drugs
You see me out in the club, baby come give me a hug
King of the jungle, the lion, can't blame these n***as for trying
I got success in my scope, I spread some Creed on my coke
b*t*h I been running this city, you n***as holding it down
You know the trust in the Glock, and my bandanna my crown

Pack in the mail, it's gone (Uh)
She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah)
I just signed a deal, I'm on
Yeah, yeah
I go where I want, I'm good (Good)
Play if you want, let's do it (Ha)
I'm a young CEO, Suge (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah
Pack in the mail, it's gone (Uh)
She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah)
I just signed a deal, I'm on
Yeah, yeah
I go where I want
I'm good (Good)
Play if you want, let's do it (Ha)
I'm a young CEO, Suge (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 2]
Talkin' my sh*t, I'ma pop that (Pop)
Got like thirty-two thousand in one of my pockets
The other one, that's where the Glock at (Glock)
You little n***as wanna be internet gangster
Man, tell all these little n***as stop that (Ha)
Been done burnt me a n***a in front of the store
Where your mammy and grandmama shop at (b*t*h)
Hopped out on a whole other wave from these n***as
Let's see one of you little n***as top that
I will turn a n***a into a convertible
Push me a lil' n***a top back (Vroom)
Her boyfriend be hatin' and callin' her groupie
Just 'cause she like all my music (Ha)
She'll send me a text and then delete the message
He tryna find out, it's confusin'
I don't know what these n***as is thinkin' about
Use the brain in your head 'fore you lose it (b*t*h)
I'll pull up after school and I'll teach her some sh*t
Tell your bro I'm a motherf**kin' tutor
'Member I used to cheat off a pretty b*t*h test
All the teachers, they thought I was stupid (Uh huh)
Was expectin' the box to pull up on a truck
Man, this n***a pulled up on a scooter (The f**k?)

Pack in the mail, it's gone (Uh)
She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah)
I just signed a deal, I'm on
Yeah, yeah
I go where I want, I'm good (Good)
Play if you want, let's do it (Ha)
I'm a young CEO, Suge (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah
Pack in the mail, it's gone (Uh)
She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah)
I just signed a deal, I'm on
Yeah, yeah
I go where I want
I'm good (Good)
Play if you want, let's do it (Ha)
I'm a young CEO, Suge (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah

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